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Simple But Great

When I reached home from work before midnight the day before yesterday (two days ago I should say… hehe), I had the urge to check my not so frequently used email at I did not have any idea why. It just came to my mind. Somehow, I was there clicking the one seemingly useless Inbox message that I am going to share with you.

I guess God wanted to talk to me. And He did it in a way that is easy for me.

In case you do not know, I was too busy the last few days and I guess (hope not), I will be busy this coming days. I have got so much workload that I can not do any other things except WORK, SLEEP a little and then WORK AGAIN.
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Timely Message

An indescribable feeling of compassion could motivate you to sacrifice something important just so you can help another person — possibly even a member of your own family. Of course, it’s truly commendable to come to the aid of someone you love, but it’s not as praiseworthy if you then play the role of a martyr. Think about what you are doing before you do it. Remember, you don’t need to set yourself up to be a saint.

Your mind is like a psychic sponge, soaking in thoughts and feelings from anyone who gets close to you. Don’t keep your knowledge to yourself; share your insights with those who are in your thoughts. But be careful how you do this; remember that your words have a strong impact on others now. Rephrase your ideas to explore the positive potentials instead of just closing down to the negative.

You continue your communication frenzy and are attracted to all kinds of interactions with others. Even if you believe you are being more careful about how you express yourself now, you are still quite open. Make use of your ability to shift gears by moving in and out of a variety of situations, enjoying what each one has to offer.


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Tired of Waiting

Today, I made a decision to order for a paid webhosting service. My original blog, Live Ur Life! has been off for almost a month now. The reason according to the webhost “the datacenter where our servers are located is being migrated. downtime due to maintenance. will be resolved asap. sorry for the inconvenience!“. This announcement was posted last May 8, 2006.

Almost everyday, I am checking their forum and since that advisory no substantial information ever came out. Not even a hint of what is going on.

When I came from vacation, I have many stories to share, unfortunately, as days pass by, I started losing the enthusiasm to write. Today, I have forgotten how those stories must be written.

My mistake was that I waited too long until I got tired of waiting. At that time, I was thinking positively, that this webhost problem would be solved asap but it seemed that my waiting is or was just a waste of time.

My other mistake: I did not write my stories in one of the many blogs I have because I do not want my entries duplictaed. Again, that’s all because, I am positive that soon, the webhost problem will be resolved.

I am tired of waiting. I can not wait anymore. I have to move. And I did!

You may visit me soon at Just few more steps and my blog will be okay again.

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Just Scribbling

Just scribbling. Nothing significant. No meaning, nothing…

I write, I don’t.
I don’t, I smile.
I shout, I don’t.
I don’t, I whisper.
I run, I don’t.
I don’t, I walk.
I play, I don’t.
I dont, I live..