Tired of Waiting

Today, I made a decision to order for a paid webhosting service. My original blog, Live Ur Life! has been off for almost a month now. The reason according to the webhost “the datacenter where our servers are located is being migrated. downtime due to maintenance. will be resolved asap. sorry for the inconvenience!“. This announcement was posted last May 8, 2006.

Almost everyday, I am checking their forum and since that advisory no substantial information ever came out. Not even a hint of what is going on.

When I came from vacation, I have many stories to share, unfortunately, as days pass by, I started losing the enthusiasm to write. Today, I have forgotten how those stories must be written.

My mistake was that I waited too long until I got tired of waiting. At that time, I was thinking positively, that this webhost problem would be solved asap but it seemed that my waiting is or was just a waste of time.

My other mistake: I did not write my stories in one of the many blogs I have because I do not want my entries duplictaed. Again, that’s all because, I am positive that soon, the webhost problem will be resolved.

I am tired of waiting. I can not wait anymore. I have to move. And I did!

You may visit me soon at myepinoy.com. Just few more steps and my blog will be okay again.

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3 Responses to “Tired of Waiting”

  1. 1 ann May 28, 2006 at 4:09 am

    Kala ko naman san ka moving on..hahaha! sa blog pala. Dami mo palang blog ka rolly.

  2. 2 Patrice June 11, 2006 at 1:31 pm

    Para kang ako. Una, dismay. Tapos, Inis then just resignation to the fact na mukhang wala na talaga. The sad part is, I was not able to back-up the database of our site. Sayang. Pasensya na Ka Rolly, it was I who suggested you to the site.

  3. 3 myepinoy June 11, 2006 at 7:23 pm

    Ann : Ikaw ha. Thank you.

    Patrice : No problem. I already accepted the fact that freehost are like that. They just go to oblivion without prior or proper notice.

    Nakalungkot ako sa yo, kasi wala ka back-up. Ako meron na-salvage ng konti hanggang March 2006. I am now in the process of putting them back at expatfil Blog.

    Medyo bloody nga lang kasi I have to make himay doon sa sql back up file and have to re-post them all one by one kasi wala process ang wordpress to import them one time.

    Syanga pala, nag-apply na rin ako ng sarili kong domain, kaso yong host gusto mag remit pa ako sa bank, ayaw ng card.

    Anyhow, Thank you.

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