Stock trading terms and your doctor

I have not written much about my work and something or anything related to it. It is not that there is not much to write about but perhaps, writing them makes me sick somehow (Just kidding! I still have three kids in the university.).

Anyhow, I supposed you’ve met and spoken to a person who works in the stock market or perhaps you’ve seen a TV broadcast about the market. Listen carefully to the terms they used. You will hear words like P/E, 4Q, GNP, GDP, NYSE, Nasdaq and many other acronyms or initial letters and shortcut words. They are used to communicate (similar in purpose) like the BTW, GTG, LOL, cyber and what have you of your cutie friend.

There are many of them but I’ll just give you some that I can play with. Here they are.

GTC – Good ‘Til Cancelled: This means that your order, buy or sell is in effect until such time you cancel them or until executed.

GTW – Good ‘Til Week: This means that your order, buy or sell is in effect during the trading week or until executed. The order will automatically expire in the coming trading week.

GTM – Good ‘Til Month: This means that your order, buy or sell is in effect during the trading month or until executed. The next month, your order will expire automatically.

FOK – Fill or Kill: This means your order must be filled if not, it must be killed.

AON – All or None: This means that your order must be totally filled, no partial execution. This is like a wholesale. Nothing must be left.

I was thinking, if your Doctor happened to be a heavy trader or player of the stock market, he might confuse these terms with his medical terms or he might invent similar letters when writing your prescriptions instead of the usual 3x a day…

GTC: Good ‘Til Cancelled. This means that you will be in medication forever until he cancels it.

GTW: Good ‘Til Weak. This means that until such time that you are weak, you will do whatever he tells you.

GTM: Good To Morgue. This means that you are about to expire or already expired. Your nearest or next destination is the morgue.

FOK: Feed or Kill. This means that he has instructed the nurse to feed you or kill you by starvation.

AON: All or Nothing. This means that you are terminally ill. He takes either all chances or nothing. Instead of amputating your finger, he cuts your whole arm.

Myepinoy Tips: Make sure your Doctor is not into heavy stock trading activity. When he is losing money because of his bad judgment or bad market condition, he might be in a very bad mood and therefore not a good day for you to consult either. He might charge you a very high fee to recover some of his losses.

Seriously speaking, the above-mentioned terms are useful when you do trade. The GTC are sometimes good strategy especially if you are on vacation or busy on something and you cannot attend to your daily trading activity. Through GTC, you maybe able to catch the market upward benefit if you leave a sell GTC on your stocks position or you might get the stock you want at the price you intend to BUY if you place a buy GTC order.

This may also help you lock the profit during volatile market situation.

For more information, please visit U.S. S.E.C. or get any of these books if you want to learn more. [1] [2] [3] [4]

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13 Responses to “Stock trading terms and your doctor”

  1. 1 racky June 20, 2006 at 5:42 pm

    malalamangan kita di lang piso nyan! 🙂

    times 10 mo na. lol

  2. 2 bingskee June 21, 2006 at 1:17 pm

    that is a good one! ha ha i must memorize those acronyms baka biglang banggitin ng doktor sa akin.

  3. 3 me June 21, 2006 at 6:29 pm

    racky: Alam ko kung bakitmalaki na ang lamang mo. CONGRATS sa Fuzzbol team mo. Di ba?

    bingskee: If your doctor is charging you more than the usual, maybe, talunan kaya gusto makabawi…. LOL

  4. 4 racky June 22, 2006 at 4:50 pm

    heheheh! oist, legal naman sa amin yan 😛

  5. 5 myepinoy June 22, 2006 at 6:06 pm

    @racky: Masaya ka ano, nanalo Portugal. Panalo si Figo mo.

  6. 6 afterburner August 14, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    wanna know more about stock trading? punta lang kayo dito:


    daming matututunan regarding stock trading. pati forex andyan na rin. share ko lang. 🙂

    myepinoy says, Bro, ganon ba? I’ll visit your place one day. But not right now. Busy kami ngayon kasi mag ii-spin-off department namin para maka comply sa agreement with WTO ang host country na pinagtatrabahuhan ko. BTW, tamang tama siguro ito kasi sa U.S., GCC nd Arab Equity markets ang work ko eh.

    Thank you sa information and your visit.

  7. 7 afterburner August 15, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    no prob! san ka ba based ngayon? gusto ko ring sumali sa blogroll mo ah. 🙂

    myepinoy says, I am based in the land of oil, camel and the desert.

    with regards to joining my blogroll, please be informed that you do your “due diligence” first so you will not be surprised with the loads. If you are really interested, I require a front-end fee plus a monthly magement fee and other fees that may, from time to time be charged to maintain the viability and liquidity of this blog. ha ha ha.

    I am just kidding, you know that. However, if you wish to do so, why not? who am I to refuse? Many bloggers accept pennies as payment for the Adsense they placed on their blogs. Just because they heard someone making money in blogging, many thought they too can have their ticket to buy a house or a car.

    What they do not understand is that they are the ones giving billion dollar income for free to Google and that they do not realize that it is a 99.999% : 0.001% deal. Please check how much the earnings and the cash Google is seating on right now.

    Sorry napahaba. ha ha ha.

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