Appraisal and Resignation

Here is something I received from my former officemate and tennis friend Benjie who now works in one of the banks in Abu Dhabi.

I have my thoughts on these matters since I arrived from vacation last May.

Comparison study: Appraisal and Resignation


In appraisal meeting they will speak only about your weakness, errors and failures.

In appraisal you may need to cry and beg for even a 10% hike.

During appraisal, they will deny promotion saying you did not meet the expectation, you don’t haver leadership qualities, and you had several drawbacks in our objective/goal.

There is 90% chance for not getting any significant incentives after appraisal.


In resignation meeting they will speak only about your strengths, past achievements and success.

In resignation you can easily demand (or get even without asking) more than 50-60% hike.

During resignation, they will say you are the core member of the team; you are the vision of the company how can you go, you have to take the project in shoulder and lead your juniors to success.

There is 90% chance of getting immediate hike after you put the resignation.

I have a better idea now of what and which option is best for me to take.

I can only guess that he used this study to weigh his options.

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