Odds Wanted!

In my many years working with the equities market, I have observed that there are specific characteristics or behavior common to most people who trade in equities market regardless of culture, background, orientation, and nationality.

I call these people as Odd lots because of their obvious odd behavior.  Here is my list.

The Denial King: “O I’ve been losing a hell of money.” This is the most frequent dialogue that you will hear from this person but on scrutiny, he is saying the opposite. He is actually making money.

The Bragging King: This is the complete opposite of the Denial King. His frequent line “I made money on this and on that.” He loves to brag as if he is good at what he is doing, but looking closer, yes he made some but the bottom line is he is losing money.

The Greedy Gook: This type of people is never satisfied. He does not have any specific target on how much he would like to earn from his investment. He is overly positive or optimistic. The typical line, “It is still not time to sell yet. This company still has lots of power to kick in higher. You’ll see it will still go up.” This person normally ends up just sitting on his money and burning it in the process without putting them in his pocket.

The Ambitious Gullible: This one typically belongs to the Aunt Millie group. He does not know what he is going into except that he heard the Bragging King talking. This one always believed what he hears even from an unknown person who does not even know what a stock market is.

The Inquisitive Guy: This guy normally asked too many questions about the market including almost everything from economic outlook to economic data and down to the number of shares traded and even the market holidays. The worst thing is that this person is not doing any trades at all.

The One Way Bitch: This person is a perennial pain in the neck (..s). He always complains about almost everything including trivial matters like slow postal service (that delivers his statements which the company has no control of), and even blames you for his losses due to his bad decision. He is quiet though when things are in his favor.

The most common and frequent question these people ask you (almost) every time you talk to them is “What company (stocks) can you recommend to me that I can make sure profit?” My God, if I can exactly identify them, I must be very rich now and will not work to serve them. Moreover, I will NEVER tell them either!

Haven’t these people noticed that analysts and experts frequently change their forecasts?

Do you also have Odd lots in your workplace?

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4 Responses to “Odds Wanted!”

  1. 1 Major Tom July 11, 2006 at 4:31 pm

    These Odd lots are surely everywhere…at school… at the playgrounds when we were kids. I guess, the stock market scene is but a minimized or scaled down version of our society. I surely had classmates before who is Ambitious Gullible or The Bragging King. In office, this reality is more prevalent, especially in government office…

  2. 2 myepinoy July 11, 2006 at 5:42 pm

    Major Tom: Thank you. I never thought that this Odd lots are prevalent in the government office. Probably you mean our politicians.

    My impression of (most) government officers and employees are not that good eversince. But since I am away for so long, I can only say that POEA whom I deal with everytime I am on vacation is one of a kind, worst kind.

    Imagine this. The lounge of the OFW’s (whom they are getting their salaries from) are not air conditioned – big fans are the only fixture too cool down our hot heads, while those inside serving us are having the good time from the cool air of an aircon.

    The last time I went there last Apr06 was worst. I had to wait for more than three hours just to pay them my dues. The reason, they used numbering machine like the one you normally see in most banks. The lazy POEA personnel, instead of pushing the button for the next OFW, normally stretch out their heads like an ostrich to check whether all the other windows are occupied before pressing. Most often that not their fingers are too heavy for that button but their feet are too light and energetic to walk around.

    Unlike before when OFW’s just fall in line, the guy on the counter is forced to serve because OFW are already in front. There is no button avalaible to him/her to tinker around.

    I was computing how much this government agency earns a day for the vacationing OFW’s alone (Balik manggagawa). It is huge. The number usually reached 2,000. We pay $25 (for a plastic ID card with no important info except your name sponsored by Visa Electron) plus PHP100+ PHP900 every time we go out of the country.

    Where the money goes and for what. I have no idea. We did a lot of signature campaigns and sent those petitions to the government and yet nothing happened. The only thing we got is the usual sweet talk – Bagong Bayani hanggang nagreremit ka ng dollars, after that, wala na.

  3. 3 jcdaclison July 13, 2006 at 9:30 am

    oh there are lots of odd lots in our office. beauty of diversity noh? 🙂 thanks for dropping by my blog. i’m glad you loved the entry.

  4. 4 me July 14, 2006 at 9:20 pm

    jcdaclison: Thank you also. I love your story.

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