Heroes All

These are the real faces of the millions of Overseas Filipino Professionals whom the Philippine government calls “Ang Bagong Bayani – The Modern Day Heroes”.

Heroes All

These Few Great Men are among the many faceless Filipinos who for years helped the Philippine economy afloat, out of bankruptcy and financial crisis.

Heroes All

Despite the hardships, the struggles – personal or otherwise, the homesickness and the loneliness, and everything that true heroes have to endure, they are still happy, smiling and still proud. The true mark of the modern-day heroes and Few Great Filipino Men.

Nothing and nobody could bring them down. They always succeed no matter what.

A Few Great Filipino Men, Heroes All!

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4 Responses to “Heroes All”

  1. 1 anoba December 27, 2006 at 3:29 pm

    Mabuhay kayo mga Kabayan!

  2. 2 ipanema December 30, 2006 at 9:26 am

    I hate it when they call us that. You know what? Wala naman tayong makuha dyan sa POEA na yan except for the travel tax. Anong mga benefits nila? Scholarship sa mga bata if you’re still active, loan. Mabuti pa ang Philhealth, nagagamit.

    They always talk about programmes for those who are planning to go back and settle for good. I haven’t heard of a successful one.

    Anyway, despite that, I am proud for all of us who are outside and slaving for the family and our sad country. We are all displaced, roaming around the world for jobs. We’re not supposed to be out of the country if it’s well managed.

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. 3 myepinoy December 30, 2006 at 8:03 pm

    Anoba – Maraming Salamat. Mabuhay ka rin.

    Ipanema :You said it right. Happy New Year too.

  4. 4 Jayred January 1, 2007 at 12:25 am

    Hinahanap kita sa pic. Ikaw ba yung naka-beige suit?

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