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Kris Aquino, Hope Centeno, et al – SEO Experiment

This is the best time to do a little experiment on SEO using the the following keywords: Kris Aquino, Hope Centeno, James Yap, GMA 7 and ABS-CBN. Let us see if we can ride the hottest issue on Philippine television about the love triangle of Kris Aquino, James Yap and Hope Centeno and how this post will fare in the search engine result pages.

Last Saturday and Sunday, GMA 7’s Star Talk and S Files aired the exclusive interview of Hope Centeno about her 11-month love affair with James Yap, the husband of Kris Aquino, daughter of former President Cory Aquino and the host of various shows of ABS-CBN, the rival television network of GMA 7.

Both Kris Aquino and Hope Centeno claimed that they were victims. If both Hope Centeno and Kris Aquino were victims, how do you consider James Yap?

Kris Aquino, on her various interviews said that it was GMA 7’s way of getting back at her and Hope Centeno is being used against her. Kris Aquino is pregnant while Hope Centeno claimed she too might be pregnant with James Yap’s kid. (On Hope’s interview on Sunday, she said that she does not know yet.)

How long this issue on Kris Aquino, James Yap and Hope Centeno stays in the Philippine television? Who gains the highest rating (GMA 7 or ABS-CBN) is another interesting story to watch out for.

Crazy Question: Not related to SEO experiment. Meron kayang politician o politicians natin ang sasakay sa balitang ito? What do you think?

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Thank You So Much!

myepinoy's ballonsBefore this day ends, let me say:

Thank you to our God above.

Thank you to my wife and my children.

Thank you to my father & mother and my brothers & sisters.

Thank you to Lerms, Melai, Nina-Cee and to every one who called me.

Thank you to my friends and officemates. Sarap ng Tom Yang at buttered fish.

Thank you so much!

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Deal or No Deal

Before I begin, let me ask you a very simple question. Do you know or do you still remember what happened on February, 1986? I am just asking.

I have been away from blogging for the past few weeks because of work and some money making activities. Although I missed my blogging routine I am happy that I do not have the urge to blog.

Right now I have my hands full. There are so many things going in and out my brain. Kung gaano kabilis ito pumasok sa utak ko, mas mabilis pa itong mawala sa memory ko. My blogger friend Fatimah says it could be a flight of ideas: (psychology) Verbal skipping from one idea to another in which the ideas bear only a superficial relation to one another and are fragmentary and often associated by chance. . But hell no, I think, I am still psychologically stable.

Whatever is happening inside my little brain, let me blog this lest I forget everything again. If I have no point or you missed my point, just blame my lapse in my memory. I said lapse in my memory, not lapse in judgment as Gloria claimed.

As we all know (as if you do not know because you are in Timbuktu), election period has already started in our beloved country. We have seen the coming out of the new and same inutile personalities, famous and infamous, moneyed and pretending to be poor candidates. The problem is that we the mighty voters (during this period only in case you do not know) have no other option but to select from among the descendants of Barabas and Judas, who are parading their faces all over the place, in the walls, trees, electric post, television and everywhere there is a space available for them to let you know that they are aspiring for a public position. (This is the time to remember what you did when you were kids: sulat dito, drawing doon, dikit dito, kahit saan basta merong space.)

They are like the posters of The Most Wanted criminals. The only difference is that these would be criminals, err officials will for the rest of his or her term would somehow affect our lives, 99.9% for the worst and plus minus 1% for the better.

Few weeks ago, GMA 7 carried a news with one of the leading IT personalities in the country saying that the web and blogs will be used as campaign tools for the upcoming election. And many of these so-called politicians already did.

How many in the Philippines are turning to the net and blog is a big question for me but the handlers and campaign managers of these inutile politicians may have seen the power of the net and blogs. In all probability, these people may turn to bloggers to do blogging propaganda for them.

What if these people approach you and offer you a job to do what you do best – to blog?

Just like any other business deals, illegal or legal, these deals could either be a sweet deal, tricky deal or shady deal depending on how one perceives it.

The Offer: You, for the duration of the campaign or even after the election, will turn yourself from an ordinary ranting blogger to a pro-blogger. Pro-blogger in a sense that you will now blog in exchange for a considerable amount of money paid by a group of people or people whom you may call sponsor.

The Deal: Now here is where you classify the deal as sweet, tricky or shady deal. Your assignment is to write something good or something bad about a specific candidate or group of candidates that your sponsor tells you with your kind (style) of blogging (like mine, full of grammatical errors.). The other condition is that you may remain anonymous or with your name on it but everything you blog, for and against a particular candidate or candidates, should appear as if it is just normal blog entry and not a paid one.

In short, your blog item would be an all praise or an all hate, derogatory and damaging things about a specific candidate or candidates.

The Big Question:

Would you accept this type of deal or not? Is it a deal or no deal?

Kulas Crazy Tip: Offer your blogging expertise to these politicians or create a group of bloggers so you can pool your resources. Just make sure you get the payment first before you blog for them.

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Kabataan Partylist video

KABATAAN, pag-asa ng bayan. – Dr. Jose Rizal

KABATAAN, Iboto sa partylist.

Visit their party website at Kabataan Party and spread the news.

Just to let everyone know, the president of Kabataan Partylist is Raymond “Mong” Palatino,, a father, an activist and maintains a blog called mongster’s nest.

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