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About NBA, free throws and us

Last night after work, I was able to watch the fourth game of the NBA Western Conference Finals between Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs.

The game ended with scores of 91– 79. The San Antonio Spurs leads the series 3 to 1, and might win the Western Conference crown on their next encounter.

At the end of the third quarter, Utah Jazz came close at 63 – 62 but at crunchtime, lost their poise and their game. With Ginobli working hard and putting almost every free throws at the fourth quarter, the Utah Jazz permanently lost the handle.

The fans were very disappointed. It was not easy for them to see their team defeated in their home court coming from a win on third game. Debris were all over the court as they let loose whatever they have in their hands after the buzzer.

I do not have a detailed analysis of what happened but surely, the other team is much superior than the other at this game, and besides this post is actually about free throws. he he.

I am amazed and intrigued up to this time why free throws are harder to sink in that basket.(?)

We are often mesmerized by player who despite the many obstacles or defense put against, can get that ball in, normally in an incredible manner. But as always, not in free throw. Why?

Why when nobody is guarding, nobody is harrasing, nobody is blocking, and no resistance whatsover on the other end, still, misses the small hole of that basket?

My theory is that, although there are no outside resistance, it is the enemy from within that is hampering it. That enemy within is called HimSELF, YourSELF or MySELF.

Which leads me to this question. Who is harder for you to defeat, the outside demons or the demons inside yourself?

Tell me.

My so-called life

On my way to Dubai, I met an old american friend. We had a short conversation. At the end of our pleasant talk, he asked me a question.

“How’s your life?”

“How much time do you have?” I replied.

“Oh come on! Is that an answer or what?

I did not talk any further instead I took out a piece of paper from my bag and wrote these: “? ! . + – / * “=(&

I handed the paper to him.

He blurted “WTF are these?”

I told him “Tell me, how much time do you have?”

“You haven’t change! I got to go now. One day I’ll see you again somewhere in the world and I will tell you how much time do I have to listen to your fu****g life. See you buddy.”

He walked fast and and as he disappeared from my sight, I asked myself, “How’s your life myepinoy?” I know you know exactly what my answer is.

To end this, I would like to ask you the same question, How’s your life?

Can you tell me your life in few words and in few minutes? My wild guess is YOU CAN’T!

Street experiences and other things

Human being is really a complex creature. Nobody knows what he thinks or what he will do next. Although you can (be like an idiot who) classify people as stupid or intelligent, dumb or wise, and etc.. still, you never know.

I have been here in Manila for more than two weeks now and have been moving around from Manila to QC to Cavite and all over Metro Manila. Moving around is a bit exciting and challenging. Yes, it is 1% exciting and 99% challenging. It challenges my nerves , my patience, temper and my logical brain–memorizing all those u-turn slots with big concrete blocks, the one ways and the street metal railings without lights, signs and blinking lights. Exciting? It is very much like driving in a slalom race. The prize depends on your luck. It might be your life, other peoples’ lives, destruction or being in the mercy of the kotong cops.

In my eyes, the streets of Metro Manila appeared to be big maze. It is chaotic and messy. With too little space, the open road seems to mimic the times of the conquering Spaniards in which you claim any part of the land. A photo finish race to take hold of the open space. Anyone who gets ahead by an inch or half a second, takes hold of the territory. I first, it is mine!

At your left, right, front, rear, and sides, and from wherever, cars, people and whatever, they just pop-out from nowhere. It is like a galactic travel, where one or more asteroids, a wayward comets or stars suddenly appeared heading your way without a warning. On blind corners, there are extra-terrestrial creatures from mars or wherever, suddenly crosses your path, willingly, offering their bodies for a big bang.

But frankly speaking, even if it is as I said it is, I find something interesting in it. How people manage to adapt and learn the skills of living and dealing with it everyday. And that is what I can call chaotic harmony or harmony in chaos.

Fortunately and unfortunately, your galactic vehicle can not go beyond the 40-60 kph speed.

And what do the extra-terrestials do in our streets? Stupid things! (Here I go again.he he)

  • A mother with a two year old toddler crossing the street letting her baby practice her walking skills on a busy road defying the traffic signal.
  • An old woman who can barely walk with her alalay, crossing the street while the traffic light is green for vehicles to move.
  • A man enjoying a walk on a no pedestrians street under the fly-over.
  • People suddenly crossing on the blind curve and unlighted portion of the street.

I just wondered if these people really think or have the brain to analyze the benefits and risks. That reaching their destinations using dangerous short-cuts is worth risking their lives and limbs. Maybe they are just too lazy, too preoccupied with all the political ads, TV shows etc., or simply stupid.

Which leads me to wonder again, are these the people who will elect the candidates for the coming May elections? Too lazy even for their own sake and well being.

So like traversing the hostile roads of metro manila, we the people have a challenging times to get to our destination. The one question is, shall we arrive alive or dead?