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My so-called work of art – brushed

Here is my so-called work of art titled “brushed“. This is a free stroke which as you can see is made of downward strokes, random strokes and stroke of luck.

This is done using a great software called ArtRage 2.


If you want to play with paint without the actual paint, you may download it here. libre ‘to.

Strange me

I would like to apologize to Bingskee of Warmstone. She tagged me days ago. Unfortunately I am unable to come up with something sensible. I do not know exactly why. Perhaps, the meme about “Some Things I Hate” is too heavy for me to verbalize. I might sound hypocritical but so far this is one of the hardest memes that I have encountered in my blogging career.

Honestly, I tried many times but there is something in me that refuses to function properly. Most often than not, it goes like this. 1234567890, tak tak tak blah blah blah.

I am thinking that perhaps I have so much hate inside me that my brain finds difficulty sorting them out. Memory overflow is therefore the logical result which ultimately ends up in a condition that we computer users know as “program not responding”.

Mind you I hate this type of situation. I hate waiting for nothing.

And so, similar to what everybody does when faced with an unresponsive program, I too is very quick to push the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys then immediately click the End Task option in the Windows Task Manager. Task closed and then gone.

This afternoon, an officemate brought us food – I forgot the name. Anyhow, it is a kind of food that they consider here as best. Unfortunately, I was not able to eat or even taste it. There was something in there, perhaps some kind of spice or ingredients, that did not suit well with my incredible nose.

Ah, I hate it so much when my nose is nosing around. I mean reacting terribly or violently to a particular smell. Can you imagine my situation?

As always the case, I annoyed people instead of enjoying the taste and discover something different. And, I hate annoying people who offered me food. If only my nose would cooperate.

Speaking of nose, I hate people who are nosy and noisy. Nosy people should be better off with company of sniffing dogs. At least, when they bark and create a lot of noise about what they have sniffed, I would understand easily — that they are where they belong.

But you know what, sometimes I admire their abilities to get everything they sniffed to the grapevines faster than my DSL connection. The things I hate about these are the quality of noises that they create (although they are normally done in whispers) and most of all the damage to the person’s character.

Oh noisy people, I guess, they must first improve the silence before they make any noises. The world is already too noisy for most people.

In as much as I hate these types of people, I have equal disgust for people who easily believed the story of a rumor peddler. Come to think of it, people are given the brain and the ability to verify the true and the beautiful from the fake and the ugly. So how come many easily believed everything they heard (at face value) as the truth? Could it be that many of us are by nature chismoso or pakialamero? No wonder, people and businesses make a hell of money on this peculiar characteristics we humans have.

This is becoming more like a rant than an answer to a meme. I have not answered any of the tags in a sensible manner yet. As I told you, I always end like this. More of blah blah and 12344, !@#$%^&. And I hate this situation.

To finish this off (sorry Bingskee, I tried but failed), here are my answers plus a song for you:

Food I Hate: Undecided, my father said we have no right to say this.
Vegetables I hate: Same as above
Celebrities/people I hate: A lot of them.
Fruits I hate: Same as the first
Event/situation/incident I hate: Many
TV shows or movies I hate: Undecided
Music I hate: Undecided. It depends on my mood.
Household chores I hate: Washing my clothes manually
Things I hate about the world: Politicians, world politics, businesses and businessmen, lunatic leaders that put people at war and starvation that eventually kill the earth and its people.
Things I don’t like about myself: Undecided

Takers, anyone.

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How’s your mom?

This video is titled  Morning Meest  from Christine Gambito, the famous and funny pinay – Youtube and the lady behind

If you’re happy and you know it, please clap your hands. If you want more and you know it,  please click  here.  Ha ha ha.

Have a great day ahead of you.

All about something and anything.

I AM HAPPY because Father Giancarlo Bossi is finally released. He may have his normal life again.

Father Giancarlo Bossi I felt extreme sadness for the families left behind by the soldiers who, somehow, indirectly paid their lives for Father Bossi’s safe release. They may never have their normal lives again.

I admire Father Bossi. He is human enough to cry for those dead soldiers. As he wept, he felt responsible for their deaths. Us, many of us do not even shed a single tear. We seemed to be as heartless as the kidnappers, the extremists, the communists, the politicians and most of our government officials.

I envy Father Bossi for his courage and love for our countrymen. Despite the ordeals that he went through, he never thought of anything but to be with the people of Payao. “I want to return to Payao to greet my people, tell them that I am well and above all embrace the children again. My heart is and will remain in Payao. They say that a priest must also be a father and so as the father of my community it is my duty to return to my people, to my children”. He wants to serve them again if his superiors “permit him” he will certainly “return to Payao: as soon as possible I will be among my people again”.

I am ashamed. Many among us would rather leave our country and get another citizenship when things in the motherland get rough. Given the worst circumstances that Father Bossi had been through, how many among us would stay?

I am angry. Most of our so-called leaders and politicians treat our own people as mere political objects that they can use to achieve their selfish motives the same way as the extremists or kidnappers consider father Bossi and the people in the communities they operate.

I am tired! Tomorrow, Gloria, the so-called president of our republic will have her SONA (State of the Nation address also known as Same Old Nuts Again) again. And while she goes on with her 99% re-hashed lies and litany of broken promises, the so-called oppositions and leftists along with our poor people will fight it out in the streets where civility or peaceful means is unknown and human brutalities and chaos are the norm.

After the mayhem is over, many among our own people will go home angry, wounded, humiliated and empty handed while their so-called leaders are all over the T.V. , their big mouths wide-open, full of lies, hate and non-sense (same egg as SONA), their faces still fresh, unscathed and no sweat at all. This has been the same way many times over – with the same cry, the same color, the same violence, the same smell of rot, the same bankrupt ideas or ideologies. again and again.

A question: Who has got the love that Father Bossi has for our own people? Well, I guess, many of them are not in the streets nor in the comfort of their homes or offices. They are definitely with the people who they love to serve.

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Will I be in outer space after October, 2007?

How far can your credit card and your credit card company bring you?

Take a look at this promo material that I received from American Express.

American Express Promo

The promo says that every time I use my American Express Card, I am entered into the draw to win a trip of a lifetime to the edge of the stratosphere at an altitude of more than 55,000 feet, a chance to see space as seen by only few and be the first from KSA to journey to the edge of space in this millennium. The promo ends on 31 October, 2007.

This early, there are already so many ideas going in and out of my mind about this ranging from simple to outrageous. Like if I win, what sort of things I will do up there? Will I wave the Philippine flag while singing Lupang Hinirang or Ako ay Filipino (I am a Filipino), recite Panatang Makabayan, blog, or what? Will I meet the likes of Yoda, Obi-wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Captain Kean-Luc or Captain Katryn Janeway? Will I be able to see Pluto, the ninth planet that we came to know when we were young but turned out to be not on Aug 24, 2006? What will I say to reporters? I presume this will be a big media event.

You may call me too optimistic or presumptuous or whatever. I will not mind it. I want to be up there. And besides dreaming is free, right?

There is one thing that bothers me though. If you noticed, there is a phrase on the right side of the promo material that reads “Wish you were here?

Does this mean that this trip on the edge of the space is one way and that I will be there for the rest of my life, just floating forever? If this is the case then, it is really “Wish you were here!” and my ultimate cry will be, “Ibalik nyo ako sa Pilipinas!(to experience R.A. 9372).

Before I snap and go beyond dreaming (to state of halucination), let me ask you these. If you were given this chance, what sort of things will you do up there? What do you suggest must I do first when I am up there?

Behind the scenes: Despedida for Angel Locsin

Once again, one of our Pinoy officemates is leaving us. As always, a despedida is the next best thing to do.

How do you think we OFW’s organize a despedida in this part of the world? Simple. Just find a suitable restaurant, then eat, pay the bill and go home. That is it. A despedida party.

The despedida party we all know back home — with women, girlfriend or wife, with little or too much drinks, with singing or dancing and etc…, is not allowed here.

It is already 7:15 p.m. here. It is time for me to go to the so-called despedida party. But before I go, let me share with you the e-mail messages about this. You’ll find funny and interesting things. If you can read between the lines, you will discover the fascinating personalities of my Pinoy officemates.

So, I suggest that you read from start to the end.

Strawberry Mille Feuilles”, what is your taste, the right pronunciation? I will find out.

Thank you for your time.

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Story with no end: Karen and Sherlyn

How many times have you experienced a brownout? I bet you did many times. Remember the power crisis we had during the Ramos government.

How many times have you experienced this interruption while watching your favorite sports or favorite soap opera or surfing the net and whatever? Again, I bet you had it many times.

Like any other interruptions, the effect varies as it cut short the little earthly pleasures connected to electricity. For those with short-temper, it is expected that they would shout and let fly from their mouths bad words directed to whoever is responsible for their power supply. For those who are not, they would probably shrug it off, say sayang, bitin or nothing at all and then off to something else. Magpapaypay perhaps to cool off and prepare the body for a very hot night (literally) ahead.

Although this occurrence is but temporary, we still ask, how long will this be?

This leads me to these questions. How about if this becomes permanent? What about if the brownout is not about power supply? What about if it interrupts not just the little earthly pleasures? What if it is more than that? What if it concerns life? The life of your beloved child. How are we going to react? Would bad words and shrugging it off suffice?

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