All about something and anything.

I AM HAPPY because Father Giancarlo Bossi is finally released. He may have his normal life again.

Father Giancarlo Bossi I felt extreme sadness for the families left behind by the soldiers who, somehow, indirectly paid their lives for Father Bossi’s safe release. They may never have their normal lives again.

I admire Father Bossi. He is human enough to cry for those dead soldiers. As he wept, he felt responsible for their deaths. Us, many of us do not even shed a single tear. We seemed to be as heartless as the kidnappers, the extremists, the communists, the politicians and most of our government officials.

I envy Father Bossi for his courage and love for our countrymen. Despite the ordeals that he went through, he never thought of anything but to be with the people of Payao. “I want to return to Payao to greet my people, tell them that I am well and above all embrace the children again. My heart is and will remain in Payao. They say that a priest must also be a father and so as the father of my community it is my duty to return to my people, to my children”. He wants to serve them again if his superiors “permit him” he will certainly “return to Payao: as soon as possible I will be among my people again”.

I am ashamed. Many among us would rather leave our country and get another citizenship when things in the motherland get rough. Given the worst circumstances that Father Bossi had been through, how many among us would stay?

I am angry. Most of our so-called leaders and politicians treat our own people as mere political objects that they can use to achieve their selfish motives the same way as the extremists or kidnappers consider father Bossi and the people in the communities they operate.

I am tired! Tomorrow, Gloria, the so-called president of our republic will have her SONA (State of the Nation address also known as Same Old Nuts Again) again. And while she goes on with her 99% re-hashed lies and litany of broken promises, the so-called oppositions and leftists along with our poor people will fight it out in the streets where civility or peaceful means is unknown and human brutalities and chaos are the norm.

After the mayhem is over, many among our own people will go home angry, wounded, humiliated and empty handed while their so-called leaders are all over the T.V. , their big mouths wide-open, full of lies, hate and non-sense (same egg as SONA), their faces still fresh, unscathed and no sweat at all. This has been the same way many times over – with the same cry, the same color, the same violence, the same smell of rot, the same bankrupt ideas or ideologies. again and again.

A question: Who has got the love that Father Bossi has for our own people? Well, I guess, many of them are not in the streets nor in the comfort of their homes or offices. They are definitely with the people who they love to serve.

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4 Responses to “All about something and anything.”

  1. 1 ysrael mendez July 23, 2007 at 2:46 am

    He should shed tears to those soldiers who had killed and beheaded because of rescuing him. But shedding tears is not enough Italian Gov’t and his family should give support to those soldier’s family. It was so sickening that malacanang parade Fr. Bossi and joyful to his release while those families of soldiers were still mourning. Its not really worthy. Fr. Bossi is only corrupting the mind of filipino to stick to catholic faith w/c unacceptable to God’s laws.
    Rizal died for us, dahil binisto niya ang pang-gagago ng mga paring kastila sa mga pilipino.
    Baka pedophile pa ang italianong pari na ito.

  2. 2 Schumey July 25, 2007 at 2:52 am

    Nice piece, bro. Its sad that people are made into political props by our leaders. You’re right about the SONA, another rhetorical speech.

    What sickens me is how the administration exploited the slain soldiers to bolster support for their anit-terror bill.

  3. 3 annamanila July 25, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    I agree that we owe Fr. Bossi and other selfless priests and missionaries a debt of gratitude. They have more patriotism than 90 per cent of our politicians. I was so elated too when he was released safe.

  4. 4 Shari July 26, 2007 at 11:44 am

    I agree with you for the most part. I admire Fr. Bossi’s dedication to the Filipinos, enough for him to almost overlook the fact that he’s been kidnapped by the very same people he’s “serving” though some soldiers died for his cause.

    It’s also sad that majority of the Filipinos didn’t even care about the whole thing. They think that as long as they’re not directly affected by the situation, they’d be fine, and to hell with others who suffer. But such is the situation in the country. Sickening, but true.

    Ditto with Schumey. I really hate the fact the admin use what happened to advance the outrageous HSA.

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