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Dear MS. President

Everything that happened and anything that is going to happen in our country, there is always someone out there who calls the shots and whatever actions or directions he or she takes, the whole nation is affected. Whether we die sad, we die happy, we live comfortably or we live miserably, our chosen leader without a doubt brings us somewhere.

For decades, we have seen many leaders come and go. These so-called leaders, past or present, has brought us from somewhere to nowhere and as always the condition in that nowhere often changes with time. And that is from bad to worst.

The latest development in the senate has proved once again that our politicians and our government officials are just out there for themselves and that their main concern is to protect their interests.

One thing is clear to me though. THEY NEED MORE MONEY TO create POVERTY, HARDSHIPS and DEATH to its people whom they say they want to serve.

I wish I could write an out of the box powerful open letter to our leaders and politicians. I wish I could make a song out of it and sing it too like Pink.

But I am not Pink! I am also unsure if I can still carry a tune without getting angry. So, I would just let Pink sing the song that she wrote for the President of her country.

Dear Ms. President, wherever you are, this is for you too and I hope you are listening.

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Ad lib: Sabi ng dating adik

I heard this on TV. Ang sabi ng dating adik:

Pinayungan mo ako sa init ng araw,
Di kita iiwanan sa patak ng ulan.

Ang sabi ko, mas maganda kung ganito:

Pinayungan mo ako sa mga patak ng ulan,
di kita iiwanan sa init ng araw.

What do you think?

The Roger Federer Stamps

Here is the photo of the blog contest’s prize that I just received (mainit-init pa) two mintues ago from Jayred.

Commemorative stamps of Roger Federer from X-Pat Files
Roger Federer Stamps

“Swerti ako” kasi na-receive ko agad ito. During this period of the year, mails are normally delayed by a month and sometimes or more often than not, di mo na matatanggap. Fasting I guess has something to do with it. LOL

Maraming Salamat Jayred.

Something is wrong

I received this photo from a friend. Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words or in this case two. And, this makes some or other group of people happy.

Wrong spelling of La Salle

I say, something is wrong. Something is not right. Something went wrong. Something was wrong. Right?

To my friends out there, Sophie, Pare, sorry, I can’t help it. PEACE Man!


This one goes to you.

This song goes to you. You needed some cookies and I have given you mine . Yes, I know that you are the cookie thief but I do not mind. I just have to understand that you are and accept you for what you are.

I wish that you, as this song says, “Just look into your heart my friend” and listen to it. “That will be the return to yourself. The return to innocence. Do not be afraid. “Be yourself don’t hide.”

Enigma – Return to innocence

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Help Desk Needs HELP

I had my time in the net last night. My DSL connection worked just fine. Unlike in the past one-week or so, it stops at 9pm or 12midnight and comes back to life at around 3 am or 7am.

I am not interested to know the reason or reasons why it acted that way because here in this part of the world, the Help Desk is just a man on the telephone, pointing fingers to the telephone company that also has a Help Desk with a man on the telephone who is also doing the same thing – pointing fingers back to your Internet provider.

The common and very helpful answer to assure customers that they have perfect service, 24/7, which, I believe is already part of the SOP’s of both these entities is, “We have no problem with our service, please check with your telephone company (from ISP Help Desk) or please check with your ISP (from Telco Help Desk).

And you know what, I am beginning to like the ever-reliable lady who never tire and very fast in answering my call, “All our agents are busy now. Please hang on, call later or leave a message after the beep. We value your…”

Sometimes I wonder if their agents are on a mission somewhere in Timbuktu or in the moon and it would be better to hang yourself instead of dying for lack of sleep or high blood pressure while waiting for their agents to return.

It is too bad for me but good for them – one less customer to interrupt whatever they do.

The Sweetest Win, An Unbelievable Defeat

Just how exciting UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) Men’s Basketball is?

Well, let us go back in 2006 UAAP Finals, Game 1, Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) versus University of Santo Tomas (UST) and see how fortune swings fast in UAAP Men’s Basketball. Ateneo needed only a second to win

As they say history repeats itself and so it does and so it did on August 30, 2007. With 2 seconds left, UST ahead by 1 point, a long shot by Kirk Long, and the rest was a repeat of history. Ateneo won.


Today at 3pm at Araneta Coliseum, ADMU meets DLSU for the third time this season. Which side and what color will you be? Are you going BLUE or GREEN?