My wife said, DON’T and NO!

This post has gone from a long rant to comedy to an outright order from my wife. Too bad, I made a mistake of calling her to inform that another columnist from the same company of ma lu has written something about OFW’s that is off tangent and full of hula haka hala ma lu fern andez and in defense of her.

Who is and what is it this time?
A guy with bigote whose name is e mil ju rado.
Again, who?
e mil ju rado. Can’t you hear me?
I heard you. You said e mil ju rado. Right?
That was right. Go check this out.
Okay, I am on it now?

After few minutes of silence, she blurted:

I like this lolo bigote guy! I like his article. He is the man that every wife should have.
What? How come? You are kidding me, right?
Am I? You heard it right? I like this man.
No, you don’t!
Have you read and understood his article fully?
Of course I did! That is why I called you, to inform you.
He is right. You must be educated.
What? Why?
Will you please read these to me aloud (from his article):

I tried to take the issue with the attendant but my wife prevented me from doing it.

… but again my wife prevailed upon me to just be quiet.

What? What is the connection?
He did not do the right thing but he did the best thing. He restrained himself because his wife said so. So, that is it. You must be educated that way. And I am telling you now, DON’T. and NO!
And what is that DON’T and NO supposed to mean?
Well, I am helping you to start again and to remember what I have taught you before on how to behave properly. Gets mo? So, put down that phone and go to bed. I DON’T want to hear from you that your monthly remittance has gone short because of telephone bills. NO, I will not accept that for an excuse.

So, this comes to pass. The longest post I ever did in my whole blogging career (???) will not see light because my wife prevailed up on me. The worst thing is she finally found a convenient excuse to justify something else – I need to be educated! No more rant because she said, DON’T and NO!

After I put down the phone, I cannot help myself but shout, “DON’T NO ME ha!”

These are some of my questions to mr. e mil ju rado:

Once in a flight back home from Europe, I heard a flight attendant says “I’ll never take this flight again at the rate these animals are behaving.” I tried to take issue with the attendant but my wife prevented me from doing it.

So, how come you kept quiet? How come you did not file a complaint (did you?) or as a columnist, filed a story about this in your column, which you can do anytime just as fast as you have concluded and recommended to POEA to educate migrants (all of us)? You are a customer and an important passenger and you know better than us. Why sir? Why?

Saludo PO ako sa iyo for keeping your cool pero sayang, you lost your touch and courage PO when you stopped taking the issue in your column or to the management. How could you let PO this derogatory remarks fly in thin air just like that. Sa status PO ninyo, bakit PO hinayaan mo lang ang attendant na yon!

Could it be that these remarks by the so-called attendant IS ONLY your way PO of justifying your idea of educating the migrants?

Lastly, migrants like us are all over the world and our numbers are growing everyday. Those in Singapore and Hong Kong that you mentioned do not represent the whole population of migrants. Your generalized view of who the migrants are is somewhat unexpected and uncharacteristic of a veteran media practitioner (since 1953) like you. And sir, is it Lucky Mall or Lucky Plaza?

10 Responses to “My wife said, DON’T and NO!”

  1. 1 Schumey September 11, 2007 at 3:57 am

    I think after the publicity Malu got, he can ride on it for his last hurrah. I have travelled a lot and have encountered wild foreigners myself, but never will I call nor judge anyone for their misbehavior.

    Its a flimsy justification for Manila Standard’s decision to protect its own. Under-de-saya kaya itong si Emil?

    myepinoy says, He has been in this business since 1953. that is according to him. Is this what this man learned from 54 years of working in press?

    This is perhaps the anwer to his question that appeared on his column dated August 21,2007 and I quote: “What I could not understand was why Cory disliked me a lot when she was President, when she knew how close I was to her husband. To me, her being President after having been a housewife was destiny.”

  2. 2 melai September 11, 2007 at 4:01 am

    just like myepinoy ba tay? nyahahahaha!!!
    ayus ha ..mag-ama nga tayo sabay na sabay tayong bumisita dito ha 🙂

    heniways, kuya sa tingin ko..parang okey lang magbago isip at bumaligtad..palagay ko tama wife mo lol!!!!

    myepinoy says, ha ha, hindi bumaligtad, change of approach and strategy lang. tingan mo sya, nakapagpalabas ng ganitong panulat, I am sure di nya ipinaalam sa wife nya, kung hindi malamang ganito. LOL

  3. 3 Sidney September 11, 2007 at 7:19 am

    Now those guys have the guts! Quite incredible…

    I am flying regularly from Manila to Brussels and the other way round.
    Filipinos are probably the only people who are smiling and enjoying the ride.
    It is funny to see people perceptions… my wife (a Filipina) claims that Europeans smell bad and she says we should take more showers…
    Anyway I have no complain about Filipino travelers.

    I find this quote quite amusing:

    “I have nothing about them smelling bad or dressing with their usual uniform of T-shirt and denims with sneakers, BECAUSE many foreigners, especially Americans, do the same while traveling.”

    If I read this correctly it is OK as long as it is done by Americans.
    So if you are an American you can misbehave, smell bad and wear sneakers… Don’t really see the logic in this.

    So, you are under the saya too! Please join the club ! 😉

    myepinoy says, this is perhaps what he learned from 54 years of working as a media practicioner. O perhaps it is like the older one gets, the more one losts touch of reality at mas mahirap ng mag differentiate. So just generalize things, is a lot simpler and easier.

    Sidney, please do not say it aloud (pls join the club). just a whisper is good enough. ha ha ha

  4. 4 bw September 11, 2007 at 8:52 am

    Emil Jurado is another ignoramus who generalizes the entire population when he sees a glitch or two in people’s behavior. In one flight I took, he should have seen how a Cathay Pacific air hostess and a drunk Australian nearly duked it off at the back of plane 🙂 In a recent flight I had within Canada, two men had a serious verbal tussle with one admonishing the other for trying to over-extend his feet into the bottom of his chair 🙂

    The fact that Jurado said that Malu F was telling the truth means that he is another bigot who was this time saved from a blog attack…if not for the intervention of his wife 🙂

    myepinoy says, The wife is sometimes a saviour ha. As Schumey said, this is a flimsy way to protect their own kind.

  5. 5 ladybug September 13, 2007 at 6:42 pm

    This article was insensitive of him. And to think that I used to idolize him. At least now we know.

    myepinoy says, Yes ladybug, at least now we know.

  6. 6 SexyMom September 15, 2007 at 4:07 am

    The last 10 years that I have been traveling frequently, I was either in business class or first class–which was comfort and pampering to the max. But I can say it was kinda lonely out there. These were all business trips, btw. Twice I went on economy–it was the only class that I could afford, as they were personal trips, both transiting through Hong Kong. I did not really mind it, in Hong Kong I was even mistaken for a domestic helper. For me, it is only a matter of trying to understand how these behaviors came to be. Of course, when Filipinos meet each other or group together, the tendency is to connect–which brings forth happiness. Remember, the Filipino is “happy” and “humurous” by nature. But I am not saying that Filipinos should not respect the laws of the land they are in at the moment, including use/abuse of public places.

    Like if I meet a Filipina in another country, there is an instant bonding, an instant opportunity to be happy and connect. I agree with Sidney’s sort of question when he said, “If I read this correctly it is OK as long as it is done by Americans. So if you are an American you can misbehave, smell bad and wear sneakers… Don’t really see the logic in this.” It’s time we Filipinos stop patronizing the Americans. For once, let’s be ourselves.

    I remember that email chain which says “kung mahirap may galis, kung mayaman, “allergy”, ha ha ha.

    But seriously, the bemustached gentleman/writer may have sense when he said “let us educate our migrant workers”. BUT, we should not just do it that way, we should take 1 or few more steps backward — LET EDUCATION BEGIN IN OURSELVES, LET EDUCATION BEGIN IN EACH INDIVIDUAL FAMILY. Do you agree, Myepinoy?

    myepinoy says, True, there are few or many among us who do not behave the way they think we must behave but we are not at all the same. One segment of migrants do no represent all migrants everywhere.

    Going by this writer’s logic then we could say that if there are 100 or more arrogant and irresponsible journalists therefore, all filipino journalists are arrogant and irresponsible. And all journalists needs to be educated.

    True, education must begin in ourselves and Mr. e mil ju rado should take that into consideration.

  7. 7 Ferdz September 15, 2007 at 5:03 am

    And now Mr Emil Jurado stands to defend what Ms Malu Fernandez “Saw” was truth. Hahaha!

    Ok first off, when I read Ms. Fernandez article not only did I notice how she condescended the OFWs in that flight but she really doesn’t write that well. I’ve read other better travel writers who doesn’t have to stomp on anyone or flaunt their so called assets just to share their experience and sense of place. Why did People Asia have to release articles like that and after claim that their articles are their writer’s opinion yet still they have that amount of discretion whether to publish an article or not.

    Now Mr Emil Jurado talks about educating Filipino Migrants. And it’s not like it’s only us Filipinos who exhibit some sort of rowdiness in plane rides. Believe me, when I’ve flown both international and locally some other nationalities are more rowdy or “Behave like animals” other than Filipinos. I think it’s only natural we encounter such. If Malu or him doesn’t like to experience such uncomfortable crowd then always go Biz class or First class. If you can’t afford it and only go economy, your wife if is right “Quit complaining” or just join in with the crowd. hahaha!

    myepinoy says, you are absolutely right.

  8. 8 Major Tom September 17, 2007 at 5:24 am

    Mr. Jurado has just shot himself in the foot. I mean what kind of education that one has if one could not stand up against bigot comments against one countrymen. It escapes me.

    myepinoy says, That really is a BIG question on this man’s character who is old enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

  9. 9 Jayred September 17, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    I don’t read his columns. He’s no Max Soliven (I miss his columns. 🙂

    Matapang pala si Misis. 🙂

    myepinoy says, Max Soliven is way way above this man.

  10. 10 annamanila September 22, 2007 at 7:03 am

    Was asking myself what would I have done if I were in Emil Jurado’s seat in that plane.

    I would have wanted to hit the attendant if not with my open hand then with a few well chosen words. But would I have pulled it through, even assuming I didn’t have a husband along who prevailed on me not to?

    Hard to say. Tsk.

    myepinoy says, with his so called knowledge or wisdom acquired from long years of existence, he must at least file a complaint with that airline or rant in his column the way he ranted with our poor ofw’s. and this is what is hard for me to understand, where on earth has he got the face(this is a better word than b…s) to recommend something which he himself do not know how to do things right.

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