Help Desk Needs HELP

I had my time in the net last night. My DSL connection worked just fine. Unlike in the past one-week or so, it stops at 9pm or 12midnight and comes back to life at around 3 am or 7am.

I am not interested to know the reason or reasons why it acted that way because here in this part of the world, the Help Desk is just a man on the telephone, pointing fingers to the telephone company that also has a Help Desk with a man on the telephone who is also doing the same thing – pointing fingers back to your Internet provider.

The common and very helpful answer to assure customers that they have perfect service, 24/7, which, I believe is already part of the SOP’s of both these entities is, “We have no problem with our service, please check with your telephone company (from ISP Help Desk) or please check with your ISP (from Telco Help Desk).

And you know what, I am beginning to like the ever-reliable lady who never tire and very fast in answering my call, “All our agents are busy now. Please hang on, call later or leave a message after the beep. We value your…”

Sometimes I wonder if their agents are on a mission somewhere in Timbuktu or in the moon and it would be better to hang yourself instead of dying for lack of sleep or high blood pressure while waiting for their agents to return.

It is too bad for me but good for them – one less customer to interrupt whatever they do.

3 Responses to “Help Desk Needs HELP”

  1. 1 SexyMom September 19, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    sigh! and here we are, at a slight internet disconnection or a drop by a few minutes, complaining to the service provider. seems we are luckier here. anyway, myepinoy, that gives you a reason to either get hold of a book or take a good sleep.

    myepinoy says, This is always the case when monopoly exists. Anyhow, I will take your suggestion. Thank you so much.

  2. 2 Schumey September 20, 2007 at 4:28 am

    Sometimes, resetting your modem does the trick. In my case, my provider calls me personally to inform me of service interruptions. My charges have also been lowered to P999/month for being a loyal subscriber. Now that’s what I call service to the max. If you have a router, try resetting it too.

    myepinoy says, Customer satisfaction is not in their vocabulary. This is the problem with monopoly. It is always take it or leave it.

    Thank you for the tip.

  3. 3 annamanila September 22, 2007 at 6:47 am

    Yeah, I understand your frustrations. Happens here too — occasionally.

    There was a time that I felt grateful for every forced holiday from my Internet addiction. Gives me the opportunity to go back to old pleasures.

    myepinoy says, Away from internet and go back to TV. You are indeed right. it gives me the opportunity to go back to old pleasures.

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