This one goes to you.

This song goes to you. You needed some cookies and I have given you mine . Yes, I know that you are the cookie thief but I do not mind. I just have to understand that you are and accept you for what you are.

I wish that you, as this song says, “Just look into your heart my friend” and listen to it. “That will be the return to yourself. The return to innocence. Do not be afraid. “Be yourself don’t hide.”

Enigma – Return to innocence

I hope you like it and you get my message very clearly. Happy days ahead of you.

Simply me,


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enya – Only Time

Who knows? Only time… Who knows? Only time…

1 Response to “This one goes to you.”

  1. 1 annamanila September 22, 2007 at 6:40 am

    I just finished giving baby a bath (which is almost exactly one of the last images of the video) so I feel I am being addressed also (aside from your friend).

    Beautiful images myepinoy! I want to single out one but it’s hard to — the horses backtracking, the handwriting disappearing, the old man reflecting until in the end he is a boy again enjoying the self-same pears. Chockful of meaning (which may differ with who is looking). It takes a little time to process so I think I will digest and just come back.

    myepinoy says, this is from Kulas. I do not know who he wanted to relay this message to.

    So, definitely it is not you my friend. I guess the message is we need to be childlike not childish. What do you think?

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