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Soho Central: Right in the middle of it all

I will not blog about my opinion on the recent misadventures of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Brigadier General Danilo Lim together with Ex-VP Teofisto Guingona, their Magdalo friends and supporters.

Let all those intelligent and not-so-intelligent bloggers analyze and write everything about this to their hearts content and and let them compete against those mainstream media organizations in bringing the news or updates. The more, the merrier. Di ba?

Manila Peninsula barricaded by soldiers, where AntonoTrillanes and magdalo soldiers holed themselves.While searching for news about this latest Antonio Trillanes’ I will let your Gloria down act part 2, this particular piece from the website of the leading Philippine newspaper caught my attention.

Notice how odd the rotating advertisement of this newspaper for soho central, a condominium that is right in the middle of it all.

You may call this good timing, bad timing or whatever but rightly so, this ad is odd enough to be right in the middle of it all. HA HA HA!


Vote for Malaya

The Greenpeace Name-a-whale competition is now on its final round. Out of the 11,000 entries, the names are just down to 30 possible whale names.

One of the entries that landed on the final 30 is Malaya which (we all Pinoys know) means Free in our (Filipino) language.

Malaya as of this writing has one percent (1%) total votes.

The voting ends on the 30th of November 2007 at 17:00 Amsterdam time.

So please vote for Malaya. Who knows, with all the Pinoy votes from all over the world, we might have a chance to call a humpback whale that is travelling on the Great Whale Trail as MALAYA.

Do not miss this chance of a lifetime. Vote for Malaya now and get our kababayans to vote too.

Thank you for voting Malaya.

DIY:Pinoy Big Brother yourself

Some people wonder how and what is it like to be inside the house of Kuya (Pinoy Big Brother). I know, this is some kind of a question simply because everyone can see almost everything on the net and of course, the edited version shown on T.V. that confuses my little brain. There seems to be no continuity as the show introduces a lot of segments at random (cut and paste it everywhere baby), meron pang flashbacks, squeezed everything in one episode and there you have it, the show for the day. At the end I wonder what is what and which is which (tama ba ito?). Parang nagbabasa ka ng isang chapter sa isang book then noong nasa gitna ka na, the next thing you will read are series of chapters inside the one you are reading. (Magulo ba ang sinasabi ko dito?)

Perhaps, this is the only way (confuse you like most politicians and government officials do) they can show that there is something exciting going on inside considering that the most frequent activities that the housemates do inside are conversing to each other endlessly. The reason for this, I guess, is that many of the housemates learned the tricks on how to play it safe from the previous season.

Come to think of it, we are also seeing and hearing these endless conversations and useless talks from our polluteitical leaders and EcoNOnomic managers everyday. And most of us, like the 24/7 subscribers of the PBB show have to pay to watch them tear our lives apart.

Ah, I know you are now lost with this post. Yes, you are! This post is like the Pinoy Big Brother show and a part of our lives as Pinoys, magulo.

Honestly, this post is actually about broadcasting yourself over the net 24/7 or doing a Big Brother like show for yourself – in case you are one of those “some people” who wonder how or what is it like to be inside the house of Kuya.

Why would I do that and how would I do it?

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What is a good story?

Someone asked me, “What is a good or bad story to you?”

Hmm, what really is a good story to me?

Well, a good story to me is the story that makes me think. The story is not good to me if I can guess what will happen to the characters or predict what is the ending of the story being told. It would be great if characters are not constant because as we all know, human beings are unpredictable until death.

A good story to me also means that it must have a definite conclusion, the characters’ actions or actuations including the unpredictable behavior of the characters are all justified, the seemingly unrelated events and circumstances, and the words spoken and used are all clearly connected and closed at the end. Thus, if it keeps me guessing (not thinking) a lot of things at the end, it is definitely a bad story for me. It is like a bomb detonated by someone without a purpose.

Stories about our country, Gloria, Erap, our politicians, our economy are but few of the many examples of the bad stories you and me have to hear and see everyday.

What is a good or bad story to you?

Hello Liza Masa, please wake up!

Ako ay nayayamot kay Liza Masa, party-list representative mula sa Gabriela. Napanood ko sya sa balita noong nakaraang gabi, isang araw makalipas bombahin ang Philippine House of Representative. Sa kanyang pahayag sa isang reporter ng ABS-CBN Channel 2, meron syang mga insinuations na pilit nyang inuugnay ang House of Congress bombing sa mga taong nasa poder, kesyo yon daw ang gabi na pag dedesisyunan ang Pulido impeachment complaint laban kay arroyo kaya ito daw ay paraan para takutin ang mga Tongressmen, para daw ilihis ang atensyon ng samabayanan at kung ano ano pang ek ek na walang kwenta.

Por dyes por singko naman Liza Masa, anong klaseng mga pananalita at pag-iisip yan? Alam na alam mo naman na bago pa ang okasyon na ito, nag walk out na kayong mga tinatawag na oposisyon at inabandona na ninyo ang inyong responsibilidad isang araw bago maganap ang bombahan. At saka, siguro naman may isip ka at matalino ka rin at alam mo na sa walang kwentang kongreso na kinabibilangan mo, lahat ay numbers game lamang. At kayo, ay walang bilang. In short, kahit na ano pa ang gawin nyo, there is no way that the Pulido impeachment complaint against Gloria will prosper, may bomba man o wala.

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Makoy: My father’s pet dog

TutaKagabi, biglang sumagi sa alaala ko ang alagang aso ng tatay ko noong kami ay mga bata pa. Ang pangalan nya ay Makoy.

Ito ang napiling pangalan ng aking ama sa alaga nyang aso dahil kumukulo ang dugo ng tatay ko sa dating diktador na si Marcos.

Ang sabi nya sa amin, “Makoy ang pangalan nya kasi sa asong ito, magagawa ko ang gusto kong gawin. Pwede ko syang pasunurin, paupuin, at higit sa lahat, nasa kamay ko ang kanyang buhay. At least kahit sa ganitong pamamaraan, masasabi ko na kahit may kamay na bakal at meron pang martial law si Makoy, ako ang may kapangyarihan sa kanya kahit na simbolismo lamang ang lahat ng ito.”

Nakakatawa ano? Kasi mahirap isipin kung bakit yong taong kinakainisan ng tatay ko, sya pa ang ginawang pangalan sa alaga nya.  Iba rin ang tatay ko ano?

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Please say this: Thank you very much!

My life (ah my life in a day here) is always the same (it seemed). Just like the hand of the clock, it runs on the same course without letup and deviation everyday. It begins and ends on the same exact point. Whether I run counter or start from where it ended to where it all begun, it is all but the same day’s breath of tik and tak, nothing more and nothing less.

Two days ago, early in the morning, something unexpected happened.

I was in a dizzying spin, in a different cycle, in a different path and out of the circles I made . The constant circling lines that I thread each day was totally broken by unpredictable lines that started from nowhere and ended somewhere. It was crazy, I was crazy and I knew it but what the heck. I wanted that dizzying spin just to be somewhere. True enough, I did but it was a shameful somewhere.

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