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Gloria Arroyo: I am not perfect!

We all know I am not perfect, but I have worked hard everyday to achieve positive and lasting change for the nation,” said Gloria Arroyo.

Okay, fine, whatever. As far as I am concerned, I do not see what you are saying about the positive and lasting change. Perhaps, YES to a lasting change that benefits the few in this nation and a big NOTHING for the common good.

Yes, for the first time I believe you. You are not perfect. Who else is perfect? Even us Pinoys are not perfect. Imagine, allowing you to stay this long committing all those stupid and misguided change you said you want for us.

Yes, we all know that.

We all know that you are not perfect. Physically you have a neck and a shoulder problem. That is according to your classmate and friend (Undersecretary of something with blonde hair) from the Assumption. (I am glad, my Lola did not go along to support you.) Mentally you are imperfect too. You always seemed to have lapses in your judgment.

Who would ever forget your famous “Hello Garci” and later your “I am Sorry” for nothing.

What about the fertilizer fund and the good and bright Joc joc Bolante who wasted his life and soul serving you and your so called government?

What about signing a flawed contract with China for that NBN project? What took you so long to correct your stupidity? Why have you waited for Joey de Venecia, Romulo Neri and Rodolfo Noel Lozada, Jr. to talk? Damn goodness! How many consultants and technocrats have you been paying to make all these mistakes!

What about putting this country on top of the list of the most corrupt governments in the world? What about the human rights violations your government committed and is being committed continuously against our youth and students, the members of the press, your political opponents and most especially to the million Pinoys who are deprived of their basic needs as human beings? Are all these part of your not being perfect and these are results of your effort to put the nation in right direction?

And what else? What other things are there (tightly hidden) under your skirt?

The ongoing propaganda on TV and newspapers where you are always shown as a very kind, religious and prayerful person would do nothing to erase the truth that you are really not perfect. You really are imperfect. And you are as far as Romulo Neri and Joey Saleceda are concerned.

“I am not perfect!” You said it right!

We, the Filipino people have given so much kindness to you, your family, your friends and your allies because we know you are not perfect. This time please give us a break. Please end our suffering, the result of your being not perfect. STEP DOWN and bring with you your friends and corrupt politicians.

I do not think I am asking too much from you. I am just asking you to give back my dignity that I fought hard to keep before, during and after EDSA 1 People power revolution.

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I am a Filipino! Who am I?

Since Rodolfo Lozada came out from the dark to the light and talked about the countlessI am a Filipino horrible things they do out there on the dark side most especially how they handled the NBN-ZTE deal, many of my local and expatriate friends asked me what is going on and why these cases are always happening in my beloved Philippines. These people were updated because international newspapers and television stations carried them.

Last Wednesday evening, I was sitting on the stairway at the entrance of the building where I live, waiting for a friend to pick me up for the Bankers’ Cup Tennis Tournament. Before my friend arrived, two tenants, one from the Indian subcontinent and a Middle Eastern man came. After the usual Kefalhals (how are you?) they asked me questions about the testimonies of Rodolfo Noel “Jun” Lozada; were they all true and how they all came to be? The last question I heard (somewhat) sounded to me like Kabayan, why your country is troublesome and why Bilibinos (the f and p are pronounced as b here) allow the gang of Ali Baba to run your country?

I sensed that this casual talk would lead to a series of questions that would simply end with a big “WHY?” I decided not to engage myself in any further discussions with these people whose deep accent and broken English contributed much to the destruction of my small brain (sorry folks, malis), I just told them, “Ya Sadik, Yo know Bolitics.” That was it. Our conversations ended and they bid good-bye.

And as they went, I suddenly felt sad about our situation as a nation and as a Filipino abroad.

I know that these are just conversational questions without malice, but deep inside I felt that these questions were like casting a huge cloud of doubt (bigger than the smog of Metro Manila) in my person as a Filipino and again, a negative verdict have been handed to all the Filipinos working here. I do not want to be presumptuous but I suspect that this would be added to the long list of negative generalized perceptions of who and what kind of people the Filipinos are.

I am a FilipinoI am a Filipino! I belong to a great race. I am proud to be one but why? Why all those crazy, stupid, brazen acts of thievery and corruptions of those in power in my country be connected to me as a person? Why do I have to be dragged into and pay the price for this mess, the ecosystem of corruption created by the unwanted child of EDSA 2 People Power Revolution and people who according to Archbishop Oscar Cruz “Long and deeply buried in a huge pile of rotten and rotting garbage, … has become one big living infection already immune to remedial sanitation,” Why?

Why do I have to be looked at like this button whose glory faded after the momentous EDSA 1 People Power Revolution? Why do I have to carry it at my back everywhere I go? Why would such a fine young Filipina like Miss Choi thinks that “puno na ang salop” and feels that there is no more hope for the Philippines? WHY?

Sometimes, I cannot help but envy Rodolfo Noel Lozada. He can always say, “I think I’m not defending the truth anymore. It’s the truth that’s defending me.

In my case, I can only say that I cannot defend the truth anymore. It’s the truth. The truth that’s hurting me, us Pinoys.

I know that a lot of you wouldn’t agree with me but this is what I think and (most often than not) this is the reality you’d see outside the Philippines.

For the last time, please look closely at the picture. You will know what I feel and what I am saying here.

I am A Filipino! Who am I? Why?

Home Alone

Every Saturday, I always go home from work early at around 2PM. After I have taken away (from my body) all the props as a banker except my underwear (do I have one?), I will immediately put my washing machine to work. And as it has become a routine, while waiting for my washing machine to finishits job of moderating the greed err the dirt, I have the habit of switching the TV on NOT to watch what is being shown but purely for the noises it generates so I can hear someone talking that keeps my illusion or delusion – I am not alone.

Honestly speaking the life of an OFW is sometimes too stressful. Living alone, doing everything alone, doing it alone and being alone gives you the creep once or every time you entered your so-called room (alone). I guess, even if you have a nagging wife or mother whom you always tried to avoid, you cannot help but think, once in a while perhaps, that you were better off with her than being alone with yourself. You may call it homesickness or whatever term available in the dictionary, it is one and same feeling of being alone (that you dread).

There are times however that I watch the 1 versus 100 show that is being shown here almost exactly at the time that my washing machine is moderating the dirt. And mind you, it somehow made me think of joining the game show not for the prize or to show that I (myepinoy) have something inside my coconut which for sure, (I know) I have none but, for the simple reason that I would like to say I’ll TAKE THE MOB! Ha ha ha, crazy ha? I told you, I’ve got nothing in my head.

I’LL TAKE THE MOB! What a bold statement to say to their faces. The feeling would have been fantastic, ecstatic, neurotic, … But the recent events leading to the appearance of an honest and courageous contestant named Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, an ex-OFW, made me think otherwise. I realized that it is not that easy as it appeared to be going to the 1 versus 100 game show.

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The House of Charings

The comedy err the trash show in the Philippines Congress should have been a hit if only the main and those shady characters rehearsed their lines properly. Had the producers of this show hire an acting coach; it could have been a very exciting one.

Well, we cannot fault many of them. Most if not all of them are clowns. Clowns do not say a word, right? And besides, these men are focused on the cow that gives them milk. The milk that transports them to place different from ours (THE LAND OF MORDOR KNOWS NO HONOR NEITHER LAW NOR CUSTOM HOLDS). The milk that makes them persons of very short memory (Who are you? Does pork barrel milk comes out from your boobs or from under your skirt?) So how on earth can we expect them to deliver? It is therefore easy or natural for them to just save their faces without making it very obvious for us, helpless and dumb spectators, to see. Tutal naman, most of their colleagues have forgotten their lines as well, and so it is best for them to just say what others were saying or simply, sing the chorus line. At least they did something stupid rather than being outright idiotic.

Indeed, it is very very easy for fake actors to just sing the chorus line or the refrain coz there aren’t much effort to do it. One just have to decide which one (Why did they make it hard and expensive when they could just say YES, NO or ABSTAIN.):

I am a friend of JDV and a friend of Gloria, so I say, ABSTAIN!
I am a friend of JDV and his family so I say NO!
I am a friend of Gloria and her family so I say YES!

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Tell me what you’ve got or shut up! LOL

Let me begin this post with a big HA HA HA, or a BIG LOL (in internet lingo, LOL means Laugh Out Loud, which during my first exposure to chatting I thought I was told ULOL, which means more than crazy or insane in Tagalog . LOL)

You might have noticed (if you are one of the many or one of the few regular visitors here, LOL) that for several days now, I have not updated or posted anything on this blog.

The reason, LOL, is that I told myself to Shut up and Back off. And so I did! But blogging has this attraction comparable to that of Mr. Darcy for Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Of course, Ms. Jane Austen, the author of Pride and Prejudice could have changed everything but she did not because that is what she wanted. Right? So, I am posting something (if this is really something, LOL) here because this is what I wanted and this is what I am attracted to do now.

Looking at the headlines, Mikey (or mickey mouse, whatever) Arroyo said, De Venecia is hiding under my mother’s skirt. Oh yes! Is there something wrong with that?

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