Tell me what you’ve got or shut up! LOL

Let me begin this post with a big HA HA HA, or a BIG LOL (in internet lingo, LOL means Laugh Out Loud, which during my first exposure to chatting I thought I was told ULOL, which means more than crazy or insane in Tagalog . LOL)

You might have noticed (if you are one of the many or one of the few regular visitors here, LOL) that for several days now, I have not updated or posted anything on this blog.

The reason, LOL, is that I told myself to Shut up and Back off. And so I did! But blogging has this attraction comparable to that of Mr. Darcy for Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Of course, Ms. Jane Austen, the author of Pride and Prejudice could have changed everything but she did not because that is what she wanted. Right? So, I am posting something (if this is really something, LOL) here because this is what I wanted and this is what I am attracted to do now.

Looking at the headlines, Mikey (or mickey mouse, whatever) Arroyo said, De Venecia is hiding under my mother’s skirt. Oh yes! Is there something wrong with that?

Perhaps there is nothing wrong hiding under mommy’s skirt. Perhaps it is totally wrong but who cares?

The question here is that if you were the husband, Mike Arroyo, who came in that thing under the president’s skirt and the sons, Mikey and Dato who came out from that thing under the president’s skirt, what would you feel sharing that little space (little because Gloria is not a big girl) under your wife or mom’s skirt? Damn crowded! Must have been a private place and a private matter, all within and for the family, right? LOL!

Now that JDV is under that mommy’s skirt, I can smell este tell that it must be very exciting. Imagine, seeing the things that most people do not see and those that are supposedly confined within the president’s immediate family. Imagine if JDV would do exactly what he is telling everyone; that he could do the kiss and tell. That he could turn to be the greatest squealer of all time, if and when he is removed from his post as the Head of the so-called Philippines Congress. Imagine if JDV could tell us a story better than Jane Austen. LOL.

Alas, Mr. Darcy’s attitude of being aloof, reserved and not letting everyone in has a clear justification. He must have sensed that if there is someone who gets in, everything will be out of hand.

Just like the proponents of the Law of Attraction and the producer of The Secret who said, we are creator and we create our own realities, Joey junior, despite being told to back off and shut up, still talks his own version of reality the way he wanted. And now, that the Joey senior is under “the mommy’s skirt”, both of them could LOL, U-LOL, and LOL, at their own pleasure.

So where does this post leads you to? Well, Jane Austen had her audience imagining what Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet did when they fell in love, the proponents of the Law of Attraction have their realities created by themselves, Mikey Arroyo says De Venecia is hiding under my mother’s skirt and so what?

For me, I would say, come on JOE, senior; tell us what you’ve got and what you’ve seen inside. Sexy ba ang legs ng mommy ni Mikey? Marami bang peklat or flawless? At sana you make sure that you tell us the truth and that it is completely different from what we know or things we thought we know about her. If not, I will try to ask the TV station showing “LOBO” to change the name of that character who is insane and tells everyone he saw a werewolf. 

To end this, let me ask you a question. How does it feel to be under mommy’s skirt, literally? LOL.

(If this post appears to has no sense, just buy these: Pride and Prejudice DVD, Book, The Secret DVD, Book, Books by Esther Hicks. Thank you.)

5 Responses to “Tell me what you’ve got or shut up! LOL”

  1. 1 anona February 3, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Hmm, i prefer hiding under Ms. Elizabeth Bennet’s skirt. I guess that would be great. LOL

    Under the skirt of Mikey’s mom, I doubt if I would fit in. Malaki kasi ako eh….. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. 2 SexyMom February 4, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    there’s no hiding for him now, that tiny place under mikey mom’s skirt sure has become too crowded, must have been bursting through the seams. he’s been driven out now, no way but out–spewing tirades too hot to handle, too late perhaps. he has a lot of explaining to do, though, all the more creating division among the administration biggies.

    i was watching while each representative took a stand, either voting for or voting against ousting the speaker of the house, declaring the position of speaker of the house vacant. others abstained. what nice speeches, filled with biblical verses, quotes from classic movies and books, high fallutin phrases, sugar-laced such that the filipino populace would have become diabetic in an instant! have i not known the colors of these politicians, i would have believed in them, i must have been carried away with their 3-minute speeches, believing that there is hope in the system, after all. but i puked, though not literally. they’re all just that–politicians, the politicians we filipinos have known the past many years.

    but you know what, there were a few who seemed to be sincere, especially the young ones, young ladies, in particular. may their tribe increase.

  3. 3 Schumey February 5, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Manolo Quezon has an interesting pic in his blog. It’s a picture of an armored car entering the Batasan. Rumors were ripe that the balance of the bribe would be handed out at the Batasan. JDV has been ousted and the entire nation watched while reform and change was raped by Gloria’s gang.

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