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Just because I am …

You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. – Bob Dylan

Sabi ng tatay ko
Gwapo ako
Sabi ng nanay ko
Of course
Sabi ng asawa ko
Sabi ng mga nagging girlfriends ko
He is so
You know.
Sabi mo magaling ako
Sabi ko
Yan ang opinyon mo
Sabi nila
Sira ulo ko
Sabi ng marami
Sino ba sya?
Sabi ng mundo
Does he exist?
Pero alam nyo
Di nyo naman talaga ako kilala
Sino nga ba ako?
Tama ba tatay ko
Tama ba nanay ko
Tama ba asawa ko
Tama ba nagging girlfriends ko
Tama ba sabi nila
Tama ba sabi ng karamihan
Tama ba sabi ng mundo
Tama ba na di nyo ako kilala
Siguro nga

Sa huli
Sino nga ba ako?
Kahit ano ang sabihin nyo
Kung sino ako
Alam ko na yon
Noon pa
Matagal na
Dahil ako
Ay hindi
Di rin pwede maging Darna
Kasi straight ako
Kung sino man ako
Ang alam ko
Ako ay tao
Sa puso
Sa isip
Sa salita
At sa gawa.

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That is the way I see them

I have come to the realization that my shadow is sometimes bigger than me especially on a hot sunny day.

The same thing goes with my ego. It grows big or small depending on the situations or circumstances and it takes the form of me or the shadow of myself and not the true essence of who I really Am.

A shadow is after all a shadow and ego is after all an ego no matter how I look at them.

myepinoy’s shadow

So if you catch me bigger or smaller than who I AM, that probably is my shadow or my ego at its worst.

The point is that most of what we feel and think we conjure up for ourselves in our heads,.. – Anthony de Mello SJ

Some basics and lots of bad habits

Earlier in the day yesterday, I had a telephone conversation with someone abroad. She told me that she called the other day (Wednesday) and was informed that I was already out. She said that the impression she got from what she was told that it’s like I had a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign because “I am playing tennis.”

She also told me that “you are probably a good tennis player” for which I humbly replied, “Not really. I know some basics and lots of bad habits but surely I can play around [darn] good. Ana Ivanovic could lose a match with me if she loosened her grip on her racket.” Of course this is untrue and will never happen, just exaggerating.

She said, “The next time I’ll be there I would like to play with you. Then I’ll know what basics you are good at and those bad habits you said you have. Pretty interesting to discover how you play around ha. Don’t you think so?” She laughed.

I said, “Well let us see how you can play around with me. ha ha ha.”

She said, “Come on DOM (drugged old man). ha ha ha”

Then we were on to official business.

On my way home, I was thinking of what I said about my tennis skills, “some basics and lots of bad habits and surely can play around.” I realized that with regards to our life and spirituality, in one way or the other “many if not all of us have only some basics and lots of bad habits and are always playing around.”

He said, “Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, ask and you shall receive.” Did we all buy this idea? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

When a new product is introduced thru an advertisement that says, “Here is a new thing that opens new doors and satisfies your earthly desires, come and you have it.” we buy the idea just like that. So we seek it, we longed for it. We knock its other out so we can have it.

Funny or sad but this is happening somewhere and somehow.

At the end of it all, it seems that we always carry the sign, “Please DO NOT DISTURB!

Something to think about

Water dropsHere is a poem written by my son. Our children, oh our children, they can teach us a lot of things, even about life.


I stand in stillness, though the noise of the world roars
I stand in stillness, though the beliefs of the world echoes
I stand in stillness, though the voices of people are piercing
I stand in stillness, though the actions of the people are devastating
I stand in stillness, though their intentions were noble and good
I stand in stillness, alone, I listen, I listen, I listen
I stand in stillness, for I found that even my mind is pure of madness
I stand in stillness, for greater than that madness, I saw peace
I stand in stillness, for there within the realm of silence I found life
I stand in stillness, unbreakable, healed, yielded.
I stand in stillness, for there I found a space that is stillness,
eternal, infinite, ethereal, formless, pure, perfect, love, life….

I’ll take you back

Yes that’s for sure HE will take you back always, no matter what, whoever you are and whatever you have become. Believe me , I know.

Jeremy Camp – Take You Back

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Thoughts on Palm Sunday

For the Holy Week, here is a good book to read recommended by a young man who I love and respect so much. The young man is my teacher and my son.

Awakening To your Life's Purpose - Eckhrat Tolle

What you get GIVE, what you learn TEACH by Maya

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle Oprah Winfrey’s boldest book choice to date. The title says it all “AWAKENING TO YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE, TO PAVE THE WAY FOR A NEW EARTH“.

I’ve been introduced to this concept of metaphysical principles 7 months ago. And then, a succession of stark and profound realizations came pouring down; I’ve lived my life so “unconsciously” (naively, stupidly, etc.) and for the longest time, I was never the type to question what is given, taught or passed on. But, with these principles came empowerment, content, joy , gratitude and deep appreciation of my life and ALL the people who are in it.

I hope everyone who gets the chance to read this post, would go get the book and read it. If you haven’t noticed our world is at a state of madness (hahahaha), to say the least.

I end this post with one of my favorite quote, “The truth of who you are is not ‘I AM THIS‘ or ‘I AM THAT‘. But ‘I AM‘”.- Eckhart Tolle.

Please explain this to me

I found this from Brodiz blog. This made my day today.

  • While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.
  • Now, while doing this, draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction!!!

Try doing this many times as you want. I tell you the foot just can’t or won’t go against the hand. Ha ha ha!

Nikita, will you please explain this to me?

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