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My simplistic thought about oil prices

How far can oil prices go? This has been the question that my wife and children and most people ask nowadays. Well, the answer could vary depending on whom you are talking to.

Looking at it in the most simplistic way, say based on the reasons given by companies or businessmen – prices go up because oil prices go up, it is quite easy to assume that prices could go even higher for the simple reason that oil producers are also dependent on their own products. Suffice to say that as the price of oil goes higher, the price of products needed to produce oil also rise.

The loop therefore creates an effect to everything related to oil stretching as far as the oil producers themselves thereby making it even more expensive to locate, extract & produce that oil. Which in turn, causes even higher oil prices, which again raises the cost of oil production.

The compounding effect therefore affects everything else which in turn could further push the prices higher.

Forget about how the governments, dealers and traders, investors and speculators and oil producers do with regards to oil prices. The bottom line here is that oil prices affect everything.

So what shall we do? It is all up to us. If you can earn more than enough then it is fine.

Oh well, the cockroaches said, who cares.

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This made me smile somehow

I received an e-mail from an employee of the company that I hate and like, or like and hate depending on the situation I am into.

I like the company because it has given me the means to spend big bucks without having to carry bundles of cash inside my pocket. (As if I have a lot to carry around, LOL)

I hate the company because some people there were cheaters and stupid enough to spend a lot of money to contribute to global warming by wasting glossy papers just to tell all customers and prospective customers that they will bring the lucky one to the edge of the earth, which of course is a BIG LIE, A BIG LIE and THE BIGGEST LIE EVER!

And so, NOBODY won because there wasn’t any at all – A FARCE, a shameful promotional gimmick by a prestigious company!

Well, forget about the BIG LIE of the prestigious company that I like and hate. Let me just share the lines printed at the bottom page of that e-mail that says:

Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this e-mail – Save paper.

I tell you this made me smile today because this simple statement could or would [perhaps] make a difference.

So, let me repeat the statement  with my favorite line added to it.

Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this e-mail – Save paper. Help Save Mother Earth.

Perhaps some of you would wonder why? I know, I am always like this, magulo. But, don’t mind me please, just continue reading and please consider these:

How many sheets of paper come from a single tree?
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A woman’s cry

Friday, 09 May 2008

For a very long time, I have not seen a real woman cry in front of me.

The feeling is heavy. It is so unbearable to see those tears dropping continuously from her eyes down to her pale cheeks. Her silent sob is deafening. It melts me.

I thought I am used to this because of Pinoy drama and MMK (Maalala Mo Kaya) over TFC but I was totally mistaken.

Perhaps I was away too long from this reality. I tell you, it sent shivers to my bone.

Perhaps it is because I know her husband and knowing that a friend, an officemate is in comatose completes the real drama and the chill.

Perhaps it is the realization that life is very short. (Kanina lang!)

Perhaps it is really hard to see a woman cry.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

On Mother’s Day, my friend left – not in another country as an OFW but in another form to a place where we all must go.

Who would you choose?

“Between the one you love and the one who loves you, who would you choose?”

I heard this line from TFC (The Filipino Channel) while brushing my teeth.

With my age now, of course I know whom I would choose.

But oh, please do not ask me again. I might change my mind and take them both or take them all. Ha ha ha.

You, who would you choose? Oh I am sorry, I repeated the question.


Thanks goodness. I finally did it. No, not choosing them both but posting something here. HA HA HA!