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I love you too!

Here is a text message from my beloved daughter.


Kahit na one week na akong two hours a day lang ang tulog….

I love you, too! 🙂


It is simple yet powerful enough to inspire me. It gives me the inner strength I need everyday to keep me going and living (alone thousands of miles away from home).

It touches the soul, lifts the spirit and fills the heart with so much joy, the sweetest music that one hears and the most endearing of all.

I guess, the feeling is the same for most O.F.W.’s everywhere.

This is not all about Michael Phelps or me…

but,  …. whatever.

Yesterday was Ninoy’s 25th death anniversay. Today, would you still consider his statement that “The Filipino is worth dying for?”

* * *

Every time someone asked “how are you doing?”, I usually answer, “Ah I am okay. As usual, I am busy making money.” Amazingly enough, some took it lightly, some said give me some money, few had the courage to tell me break my leg baby and many said break it to me gently please.

Making money means, “working your butt all day” which, if translated to Filipino, it means “pinagtatrabaho mo ang pwet mo buong araw.” HA HA HA.

To put it simply, this is the one thing that you can’t do without except if you have everything. This is the one thing that makes many people sick, the one that is continuously exhausting and stressing out most people mentally, physically and psychologically, the one that makes the world go round and round. Humans invented it and they simply call it WORK. OKAY?

Because I often said, “I am making money” to those who asked what’s up with me, some of them thought that I have all my time devoted to this. Honestly speaking, it is, however, I also have some time for other things. I also breathe, sleep, eat and at times, I escape from making money, I play tennis.

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That WOeMAN who burned the nest

Kung sakaling nakalimutan po ninyo, exactly a year ago this month, many of us raised our fingers that increased Internet bandwidth and traffic, went Wild and MAD and spoke a different language all because of one heck of a woman who burned the nest, and made all OFW’s and some Pinoy bloggers balut!

And few days later, after we became balut, the people behind ABS-CBN’s ANC program “Media in Focus” or I must say media out of focus hosted by Che Che Lazaro, realized that what we did was something and that we were more than a bunch of baluts. But it was not realistic enough to picture balut as something else because balut can’t harm anyone and as such, that one heck of a woman could be somewhere having a good time. So, it must be something awesome or terrifying and it was. That woman who burned the nest then claimed she was getting death threats and therefore, the baluts must be considered as MOBS!

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About [some] wives and women…

Here are some jokes about wives and women. I summarized them from various e-mail messages I received these past few days. Also, I added some of my personal observations but I won’t let you know which are mine to “protect myself” from my wife, my daughter and my mom. They have this kind of alliance on matters that concern women, you know. ha ha ha.

When you are through reading all these, you will realize that some of them are true and almost all of them are very true, I GUESS. LOL


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Love was always love, anytime and anyplace

It is what it is.

…they no longer felt like newlyweds, and even less like belated lovers. It was as if they had lept over the arduous calvary of conjugal life and gone straight to the heart of love. They were together in silence like an old married couple wary of life, beyond the pitfalls of passion, beyond the brutal mockery of hope and the phantoms of disillusion: beyond love. For they had lived together long enough to know that love was always love, anytime and anyplace, but it was more solid the closer it came to death.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, from “Love in the Time of Cholera