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RIGHTS v.2.0

September 19, 2008. UP College of Mass Communication, Media Center. 6.00 – 8.00 pm. Admission is Free.

RIGHTS v.2.0

RIGHTS v.2.0

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One of those days

Right now (7:00 p.m.), my son is performing at the C.C.P.  (Cultural Center of the Philippines) for the Sampung Daliri. I, the greatest father of all is still stuck somewhere in the milky way.

This is sad. I am sad….

Another day added in the life of the so-called modern day hero [The OFW] under the chapter “one of those days“.

Will you sing this song for me please?

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Lost in pronunciation


  • at this point in time here in this part of the world  is a fasting month (restaurants are closed during daytime and no one is allowed to eat, smoke or drink in public else you end up in jail or whatever).
  • I do not know how to cook my own food – I usually depend on restaurants.
  • for the past three days I have not taken in a good energy boosting KANIN and the Pinoy food I like.

I  called my couple friend, instructed them to prepare the best food because  I’d come to have a free lunch, whether they  like it or not (this style works fine from time to time  parang shock and awe, ha ha ha).

Shocked and awed (perhaps, ha ha ha), they prepared  a good meal for me of sinigang na hipon, daing na bangus at meron pang mangga and bagoong.  Mind you, it was like heaven (di ko alam sa kanila) and boy, after that meal, I was really energized!  I was indeed a very very happy, contented and sleepy man.

Going home after a great free lunch, I called a taxi. Immediately, I got in because it was very hot outside and besides, my body was aching for the other craving, a good afternoon nap which I never wanted to miss.

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