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Pinoy ka nga!

Sumagot ako sa kausap ko:

Sabi ni René Descartes, “Cogito ergo sum. – I think, therefore I am.”

Ang sabi sa akin ng kausap ko bago ako sumagot:

Pinoy ka nga!

madaling magbago,

madaling makalimot sa gustong pagbabago…..

Obviously,.. obviously not?

I am Just asking.

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Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolante

According to reports, Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolante, former Agriculture undersecretary, the alleged mastermind or dummy in the multi-million-peso fertilizer fund scam worth P728 million [allocated for poor farmers  but were allegedly diverted to the 2004 presidential campaign kitty of  Gloria Macapagal Arroyo], is already on the way to the Philippines. Bolante is expected to arrive Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal I Tuesday evening from Nagoya.

Joc Joc Bolante has a pending arrest warrant issued on 2005 by the Philippine Senate.

The questions now are:

  • Will the government of Gloria Arroyo and the concerned security personnel provide Joc Joc Bolante the so-called VIP treatment given to Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, the whistle-blower of NBN-ZTE deal, or, will he receive the real VIP treatment?
  • Will Bolante maintain his silence and refuse to “tell all” like Romulo Neri or will he be like Rodolfo Lozada?

Regardless of how will Gloria, the authorities and the politicians handle Bolante when he arrived and whatever actions he will do next, his story is definitely an addition to one of the chapters of the saga of the educated opportunist greedy guys, the “i will get away with it” bastards, the highway robbers, the corrupt pinoy politicians and government officials,  and the Judas Iscariot-ish type of individuals who sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

*** Will he do what Judas Iscariot did to himself after Christ was arrested? Oh well…let me just say these: he is not  Japanese. his citizenship is “typical pinoy politician and government official”.  it is called…. NO SHAME and NO CONSCIENCE!

Unused natural energy

Of being a father

I just had my short vacation a week ago and it was great.

What made this vacation great you may ask? Well, let me tell you this: after so many years I felt that I have become a “father” again to my youngest daughter.

Oh, please do not get me wrong here. I have never been a delinquent or irresponsible father and I have no plans (yet, ha ha ha) of becoming one  to my kids. It is just that when I left to work abroad, I can’t do some simple “fatherly” things anymore like bringing and picking them up in school. As it is always the case for a father like me, the situation has become “Virtual” in the sense that I am always with them all throughout but physically I am somewhere making money in other part of the world.

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Screwing the Screwed!

Here is my son’s take on what to do with our country’s situation.

While studying for history, I am growing more and more to the inclination of the acceptance that this country has been fucked up for such a long time now. It appears in my readings that the country progresses indefinitely.

Why? Well because sometimes it doesn’t. In fact, it appears that the only progress the country had for the longest time was Erap, which actually and really says more about the nation’s social divide, process of thinking, and star preference rather than its growth as a nation-state. What amuses me though is that the basic premise of all these screw up-ness (corruption, etc.) has been long in existence and yet, no change is happening.

Are we that stupid?

But let’s not be all too pessimistic. Maybe there is change happening, some sort of Machiavellian turn on the current system somewhere out there; something the tax was rightfully spent on as opposed to the new status quo of self-serving governance. After all, we managed to screw up this country thus far, maybe we can screw up on screwing this country too. Change has to come from somewhere, and by the looks of it screwing the screwed should not be passed up.

If the country does manage to do that, then let’s “problematize” the obvious moral degradation it will need and cause. But with the way things are, how much moral really is there? But that’s for a different day.

For now, I dare say, let’s focus on screwing up the screwed way of things. Act right. I should probably start with stopping my procrastination right now.

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