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The thing they called BLOG

Yes, my blog is still alive and so am I. It has been a long while since I stopped blogging for reason or reasons that I do not know.

My friend who regularly asked me why I am not posting anything here anymore said to me, “remember that songs of Neil Young, my my, hey hey and hey hey, my my in rust never sleeps, it really is true my friend.” I just do not know what’s the connection and what he meant.

Nevertheless I am very thankful to everyone who regularly visits this blog. I would not mention all your names. I am sure you know that I know who you are.

I am thankful as well that you, my friends are still blogging and mind you, your great posts have kept me connected to the blogging world these past few months of inactivity. IF not for your posts, I would totally, absolutely forget everything about this thing called love (ha ano kamo??), no, I mean blog.

So before you tell me to “STOP” kidding us, let me just say once again, Thank you so much!

Have a great day ahead folks.