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The Place They Called “Boracay”

So, you and me   know that Boracay is a tropical island located in the province of Aklan. Yes, we are absolutely correct about this.  However, it is interesting to know that aside from the real Boracay and the Boracay Mansion of Erap, there is another one in Cavite.

Believe me! There is indeed a place called Boracay located in Cavite. It is  just few minutes away from Island Cove.

If you think I am just kidding you, please ask the local residents, the people who regularly pass this place and the people residing nearby. they will tell you, that as far as they are concerned, this place is Boracay or Bora, take it or leave it.

The place that local folks called Boracay or Bora.

They called this place Boracay or Bora.

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