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WTF: Gods Must Be Crazy

If you are not yet tired of following the news in Philippines, you are most likely reading a lot about Con Ass and the political ambitions of the so-called “Pinoy Politicos” in the coming May 2010 elections.

Which, if you are not one of the cohorts and or not within the circle of friends of these so-called “Pinoy Politicos” and if your frame of mind is in order, you are mostly likely to shout, “What the fuck is going on in our country?!”

And why not coconut?

Out of the million Filipinos, only few persons or families have somehow managed to be elected on and on and on. The sad thing is that many good ones are never recognized, most often than not, they were just given a very small chance and then, they just fade away in thin air. And so, choosing between the most evil and the lesser evil to “pwede na” has become the norm for the majority of Pinoys. For some I guess, this is  rather painful but a necessary action; they just have to get on with it. (WTF).

And as the 2010 elections come closer, two fucking (great) familiar Pinoys, the hybrids of the older generation trapos and two among the  many worst political figures that our crazy democracy has ever produced, are intending or are rumored to run for public office, again. Think of it as “reinventing themselves”.


She is the president of this country for nine years. For her, the strings of controversy and scandal that came up during her rule are not enough because she considers them as nothing but just political trickery of those who opposes her which she consistently denied with the usual answer,  “show me the poop” (transparency? what kind of animal is that?  forget it!). While many think she is guilty and does not deserve a second in that office, she is lucky enough to hold on there until today.

Having that luck and presumably the thought that fate and some kind of divine intervention brought her there for a purpose, she got the feeling that she must remain there forever at all cost and no matter what. She, without a doubt, still believes that she can still do much (damage I guess) for this crazy country. Her bloated ego belies her small size; it goes beyond the nerve of most people I know in the country they so-called Philippines.

Although the general rule as of now is to stay mum about her plans, the loud noise coming from the p-sycophants who benefited the most from her are loud and clear, “Let’s Gloria on till Congress comes!


After many years of not making a movie, he believes that the May 2010 election is a very good opportunity to re-launch his stalled career as an actor. He finds the role of a president of this crazy country best suited for him as he once portrayed this role before, until the so-called People Power 2 sometime in 2001 terminated his promising career and landed him in number 10 together with Marcos (number 2) on the sphere of the other famous people.

And why not coconut?

He, as he claimed, has an undying love for the masa. He is a tough nut with cracks in the head. When he speaks, most pinoys start cracking their heads too. He, after leaving Malacanang and years of living outside of it and, years without functioning as one, still claims that he is the president of this crazy republic. As everyone knows, he was kicked-out by another nut who convicted him of plunder but later made him an ex-convict because she, the nut who took his place pardoned him.

Supported by another set of p-sycophants, he is now ready to shoot and his eyes are set for another crack in the presidency.

With loud voices, his supporters say, “Weather Weather lang yan, Erap, Erap, here we go again!

The possibility of these two NUTS being elected, she-nut in the lower house and he-nut in the highest office, is not remote for the simple reason that majority of the Pinoys who will support and who will vote for them are the same people who have been fooled once and who are still willing to be fooled again and many times over. I guess they love history so much. They want it to repeat itself, ASAP.

Thus, this early, I am saying to myself, gods must be really crazy.

But perhaps, the gods are not really crazy. Perhaps, it is only the majority of Pinoys who are damn stupid despite having the free will, the capacity to think and to vote. Perhaps, the gods are no longer  interested in us;  majority of Pinoys forget them, they shifted their affections to their candidates.  Perhaps, the  gods are not watching us anymore;   prior to, during and after elections, the Philippines is transformed into a country of the dumb, the dammed, and the doomed, and the majority of Pinoys simply love elections to the max.

At the end, I just hope that gods will not give up on us. I hope that the gods will not say, ‘What the Fuck! Bring Marcos back to life!

Damn, mahirap bang intindihin ito!

Con Ass!

CON ASS! We’re NOT Gonna Take It!

Absoultely, I Am NOT Gonna take it!  Never!

Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

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we’ve Got The Right To Choose And
there Ain’t No Way We’ll Lose It
this Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
we’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just
don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause
you Don’t Know Us, You Don’t Belong

oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

oh You’re So Condescending
your Gall Is Never Ending
we Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You
your Life Is Trite And Jaded
boring And Confiscated
if That’s Your Best, Your Best Won’t Do

we’re RIGHT, yeah
we’re FREE, yeah
we’ll FIGHT, yeah
you’ll SEE, yeah

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