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Philippines: You saw it coming and yet you did Nothing!

Say this to all Pinoys from Gloria, the woman who never give up.

Hearing that some Pinoys are marching towards Manila for a rally against her SONA on Monday (July 27,2009), Gloria is ready to rush in where some of her Tuta fear might turn to something out of control and out of the expected results from the scenarios that they have been looking at for the past months or years.

“What do these people want?” Gloria asked on Friday. “They can have everything, the Palace, my position as president. It has been stinky shit ever since I had to act and say sorry for something vague right after they exposed my call with that guy named Garci in 2004.”

“Do they think I had a good ride all the way? Damn, I have to put up with all the insults and the distrusts for almost nine years now. I am human too. I need to be loved and accepted just like anybody else. Thanks heaven or hell, there are a handful who are willing to be around for a piece of crumbs, for power, fame and whatever personal interests you can think of.”

“So, can you blame me totally for what happened to this country during my administration? No way people! Blame those people who are willing to sell their souls! Blame those groups and businesses and businessmen (warlords, gambling lords, drug lords) who want to gain control and make money.”

“Blame those Senators, Congressmen, those highly educated but stupid technocrats, police and military men. They all loved to cheer me up and they willingly do whatever I told them to do for small amount of money, power and fame. They are all great great grandchildren of Judas, the one who sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. And you know what, I admire them.  They are highly evolved, emotionally and psychologically. They are too thick and they do not want to hang themselves after receiving the money for the job well done. That is betraying you.”

“True to their nature, when they do not get that favor they want, they turned their backs on me and suddenly they act like saints and they call themselves Opposition.  Damn it!  this place is really full of them. It really is hot in here. And, that was the reason why I had to travel often, gets nyo?”

“But I tell you what. For the first time, I will be honest and I will not lie. Do you know who I put my blame on for what happened to this country, to my family and to me?”

“I say,  it is all your fault Pinoys! I will say it again, YOU! Filipinos, BLAME yourselves! Not Me!”

“And why it should be you and should not be me?

“Because you allowed these Judases, you allowed me and you let us do everything. Did I hear violent reactions from you for all the worst things I did? Never! All I heard was just a yawn and nothing else. Who were there with you yawning? The guys who helped me then but later turned their backs on me when they could not get want they wanted.”

You saw it coming and yet  you did nothing! That’s how it was and how it is going to be even after me.”


“Do you think I did it alone? Damn, you were all wrong!  We did it!  And you damaged me at the end!”

“Philippines, welcome to the gates of hell. you ain’t seen nothing yet. Promise.”

Gloria’s comments came to me yesterday at night.

In a dream.

And I was born at night.

But not yesterday and definitely not last night.

Too Bad for Madoff, He Is Not A Filipino

Last Monday in New York, Bernard Madoff, the 71 year old breathing devil, the architect of the longest, the largest and most massive financial fraud in history was sentenced to 150 years in prison, the maximum term for his “extraordinarily evil” crimes.

Mr. Madoff, who by way of Ponzi scheme bilked investors worldwide out as much as $65 billion, said, “My error was much more serious. I made an error of judgment.” (Hello Garci, it brings back bad memories. I am Sorry for reminding you.)

Too bad for Mr. Madoff, he is not a Filipino financier doing business in the Philippines. If he was, he could have pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ and he could lie to the teeth.  His case would have lasted his lifetime, unresolved. He could live his lavish lifestyle without interruptions and he could even become a Congressman, a Senator or a government appointed official.

Too bad for Mr. Madoff, his sons are not Filipinos whose names are Romulo Neri and Joc joc Bolante. If they are (like Romulo Neri and Joc joc Bolante), even if they know or even if their father Madoff confessed to them doing a sham or scam,  they won’t report their father Madoff’s illegal activities to authorities, instead they would just kept quiet, all for the sake of the family. Moreover, if ever they would say something, it is only about how innocent their father is, how good  man he is or perhaps claim that he is  a saint giving fatherly and unconditional love to them and to other people.

Too bad for Mr. Madoff, Gloria is not his President. If Gloria is his, he could hope and expect  to receive an executive clemency sooner or later just like Erap the plunderer, Romeo Jalosjos the rapist, and those other murderer and criminal recipients of  Gloria’s kindness (to animals).

Too bad for us, Mr. Madoff did not include Jose Pidal and Jose Velarde in the people he scammed. If he did, the real guys behind those aliases would have died of cardiac arrest or perhaps Nababaliw or Baliw na at gusto ng mag-suicide. (If only these two were  included, Mr. Madoff’s scam could have exposed them and provided paper trail  for all Pinoys to see.)

Too bad, we are Filipinos. If we are citizens of a country that has a correct sense of what is right and what is wrong and where justice system works for all, we could have exacted a swift justice from the powerful and or groups of abusive and corrupt people who have committed grievous crimes against us.

Too bad, we are Filipinos. Many if not most of  our government officials, politicians, private individuals and businessmen have defrauded and is still bilking us big time, and yet, all of them are still free, having a good life, ruling us and keeping us in perpetual misery.

Too Bad for Madoff, he is not a Filipino. To bad for  most of us Pinoys, we all have to live everyday  and perhaps die in the hands of Filipinos who are like or worst than Madoff.