Manny Will Lose, Manny Will Win, Big Time!

As the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight night draws near, boxing fans here are all excited. Everyone is anticipating a very explosive fight, and most Pinoys I know, especially the men, are predicting a spectacular knockout by our very own Manny Pacquiao. On the other hand, some of the wives of these men are worried and some are getting anxious as to whether Manny will get past Cotto without being hurt.

The rate at which this fight is being covered and discussed over media and the net with all sorts of entries coming out everyday, be it an analysis and predictions – stupid, logical or whatever, hate, praise or in-between, all the more add to the suspense or interest on the billed ‘Firepower” fight. (Of course, it is very obvious that Pac-Man is THE MAN that draws the most attention.)

The other day, during our lunch, that is typically quiet and short, suddenly became noisy and long when someone tossed the question, “Pac-man Pacquaio or Cotto?

I was surprised to know that even before these two boxers agreed to fight, most of the people around during our lunch had the winner in their heads already. What’s amazing about this is that their views and how they break the fight are far more believable than most writers or bloggers out there.

Here are some of the predictions (without the in-depth explanations to shorten this post) from my office-mates during that lunch:

  • Filipino 1: Pacquiao at 3, KO’s Cotto.
  • Filipino 2: Pacquiao at 6, KO’s Cotto.
  • Filipino 3: Pacquiao at 9, KO’s Cotto.
  • Filipino 4: Pacquiao by decision
  • Foreigner 1: Pacquiao knocks out Cotto, any rounds. Could happen fast.
  • Foreigner 2: Hard to say, either way, a brutal fight.
  • Foreigner 3: Cotto by decision

When almost everyone had given his predictions, there was a quiet guy in the corner who said, “Manny will lose, big time!”

“WHAT?” was the loud chorus line heard from the surprised group of Pinoys and Foreigner Pacman fans.

One foreigner Pac-man fan shot back, “Are you a Filipino? Don’t you believe in your Kabayan? Explain?

Calmly, that quiet Pinoy in the corner replied, “Damn, that was easy man. Did you not see the  HBO’s 24/7 Pacquaio-Cotto? It was very clear in there that Manny is a loser. The video did not lie. I saw it with my two small eyes. Roach, yes, Roach had enough of him at Baguio training camp (@28:34 mark of the video). Besides, from the start, Manny is a loser and as you can see, Manny has been spending a huge amount of money just to let people know that he is Manny but nobody bites it and instead people are getting mad at him. I am telling you right now, I am very sure that on that day, Manny will lose big time! Manny will be knocked out and that will be it for him. He might even catch eraptospitosis before the actual fight!”

“What are you talking about? Manny is a winner. He has a killer instinct. He is a great fighter. He is famous and he is considered as a hero in your country who unites you;  everything stops when he fights. You are talking shit man,” one guy yelled.

Ay naku, di pala kayo nakakintindi. In that 24/7 video, there were two moneyed Mannys. Manny the boxer and Manny the trapo. Therefore, what I am telling you right now is that, Manny, the Trapo will lose big time. Manny the Boxer will win big time. Don’t’ you get it?” said the no-longer-quiet guy in the corner.

And that ended the discussion and of course, our lunch.

You,  do you think Manny will win or lose big time?

3 Responses to “Manny Will Lose, Manny Will Win, Big Time!”

  1. 1 Major Tom November 13, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Every time Manny fights, I am anxious that this time he’d meet his match and lose finally, after a long, long time. Afterall, champions have their own travails don’t they?

    But every time, he wins and win it so fiercely.

  2. 2 Toe November 13, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Hahaha… I agree that Manny the Trapo will lose big time! 🙂

  3. 3 bw November 13, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    I saw that 24/7 video and it irritating. Pinoy politicians are like leeches when it comes to seeking publicity 😦

    I’m thinking – what if Pacman wins, will Arum let him fight at jr. middleweight for the 8th title ? LOL.. Superman astig at siguradong hindi ma break yung record nya for 8 wins in 8 weight classes hehe 🙂

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