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Sorry, I can’t help it, U LOL great, I swear

So, I was kind of enjoying my silence. Yes, my silence.

Happy Camel, You or Me? Oh, come on!

Happy Camel, You or Me? Oh, come on!

The kind of thing that I have been doing for the last couple of years, making money to be specific,  has somehow slowed down a bit. It is never frantic anymore like it used to be.

From hectic to frantic then frantically (tama ba ito? may suggestion ka?) waiting for the market to close and go home. This is the silence I am getting used to right now and for the past few months. Silence shhhh! . Gets mo what I am talking about?

As it is, and contrary to what most of the DULING analysts out there who  predicted that everything will collapse and stop, it must stop and, was supposed to collapse and stop, but, well, quite amazingly, it did not, and fortunately, I still have my work that afforded me time to enjoy my silence as well. I am talking about the U.S. stock markets where my making money or WORK is.  Ha ha ha.

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