Sorry, I can’t help it, U LOL great, I swear

So, I was kind of enjoying my silence. Yes, my silence.

Happy Camel, You or Me? Oh, come on!

Happy Camel, You or Me? Oh, come on!

The kind of thing that I have been doing for the last couple of years, making money to be specific,  has somehow slowed down a bit. It is never frantic anymore like it used to be.

From hectic to frantic then frantically (tama ba ito? may suggestion ka?) waiting for the market to close and go home. This is the silence I am getting used to right now and for the past few months. Silence shhhh! . Gets mo what I am talking about?

As it is, and contrary to what most of the DULING analysts out there who  predicted that everything will collapse and stop, it must stop and, was supposed to collapse and stop, but, well, quite amazingly, it did not, and fortunately, I still have my work that afforded me time to enjoy my silence as well. I am talking about the U.S. stock markets where my making money or WORK is.  Ha ha ha.

For that, I thank the American people for electing Obama (No kidding baby!).  As everyone knows,  Obama bailed out most of the big but dying (bankarote)  companies in the U.S.A and so the stock markets are still alive and now,  these companies are paying huge bonuses  except my company. Perhaps,  silence is paid for instead of cash in my case.  ha ha ha

In addition, I’d say thank you also to the few people who still have the balls to do some trades even if  the value of their investments are less than half now.  Oh, people,  you are brave! You have hearts of steel and pockets so deep. You are one of a kind!

And of course, why not thank everyone and the universe as well?  Thank Yo!

The slowdown that brought the silence for the last few months had me wondering about many things:

Life, how would I extract more from it knowing that I am growing old everyday. Time does not want to wait nor it is willing stop. It ticks silently and constantly, kahit walang battery… ha ha ha

Family, I feel that I have been away from them quite too long.  Although I am always in constant communication with them  (parang 24/7) but then, this does not allow me to hug and be hugged. The  short vacations from time to time seemed like they did not happen specially when you were at the airport waiting for that plane that will fly you back to where you are making money. Sometimes, I think it is ironic – the plane that brought you home is always the same plane that will fly you back. bakit kasi di pede maglakad o mag swimming na lang pabalik para maiba naman… ha ha ha.

Sex Life.  Who wouldn’t think about this if you were alone most of the time? The technologies available, the Web cam on Skype, Yahoo and what have you help but they do not give you the real thing. Manigas ka, sabi ni pareng kulas…  Ha ha ha

And of course,  Money. What money? Honestly, I have more than enough money to last in my lifetime only if that lifetime ends today or next week.  Beyond that defined lifetime, my goal of P50 million cash in my account is  still a dream.  Although I am still years away from reaching my goal, I heard that there is always that possibility  that is just waiting around the corner ready to pour (figuratively) or drop like manna from heaven (literally) any time of the day.

As recommended by those who believe in the  law of attraction, I have been visualizing about this for years, but then, it seems that the universe is not ready to conspire. Of course,  I have to presume it did and always does but as it is,  not in my favor yet. Somehow, I am very positive (though) that my P50 million will be part of  the universe’ to do list soon. You know, I am doing my part – tumataya po ako sa lotto pag bakasyon ako.  I believe in the saying, ‘Nasa tao ang taya, nasa bola ang tama.‘  ha ha ha.

However, being tao lang just like everyone else in this wide climate has changed whole world, there are times though that I ask the universe and myself, how many more years?  Well sometimes, the universe gives a clue and thus, it is always myself who answers all the time (ha ha ha). It could be today or could never be in my lifetime. Realistically, it would take me another 50 years if supposing I’ll be able to save P1 million every year. Do I still need that P50 million by that time? Ha ha ha

I just wish that I would not end up like Dorothy who was told to follow that yellow brick road,  the scarecrow on her side pointing this way, that way and everywhere. I wonder, it would have been very easy had the scarecrow is high-tech loaded with google maps and GPS…

However, that was then and this is now.

Silence please… the universe is working right at this moment.  “Free your minds people!” This is what the universe is telling me now.  And oh yes,  “you are allowed to smile and laugh out loud (LOL) too.”

I promise, I won’t put  “U” to  your “LOL.”  But then, sorry, I can’t help it,  U LOL great, I swear.

3 Responses to “Sorry, I can’t help it, U LOL great, I swear”

  1. 1 bw January 25, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    Well, I work for one of those big US zombie banks and I’m surprised I’m still working 😉

    Now we have to wait and see about Obama’s proposed policy of US banks divesting of their investment banking and hedge funds operations and operate like banks only. This news brought a lot of brouhaha in the financial industry. What about about foreign banks ?? Would they do the same too coz if not, the playing field isn’t the same.

    I thought of quitting my job and caddy for Tiger Woods for one year. There’s a great chance I could make the P50M.. now make it 2 years and I’d be really pleased hahaha 🙂

  2. 2 Sidney January 28, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Asus…50 M peos…what will you do with all that money 😉

  1. 1 There, assley is confused. « myepinOy’s bLOG Trackback on November 24, 2011 at 11:45 am

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