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What if? Welcome to my nightmare!

Welcome to my bangungot and to yours also if you want to see the Philippines pushed to or lead into hell for another six more years after May 2010. And that’s going to be another long year to prepare us for hell aside from the last nine years that are nearly over.

Although there is a song about beautiful nightmare, yours or  mine, I presume  is NOT.  Or maybe,  I  alone is the only one  who is really having a terrible nightmare because of the limited capacity of my (small and unstable) brain,


Bakit nga ba Pinoy? Sagutin mo!

What if I have a brain as big as the moon but then I am just really stupid? who cares? right?

What if, she, who lusts for power is like a woman who gets her orgasm by thinking of someone else other than the man she makes love to? Some ordinary women admitted to having their orgasms faked out a few or several times, what more for a woman who was able to put up all those never seen before schemes and scams that she, for nearly nine years got away with at ease, leaving most of us crazy while she, enjoys everything, the reason why she wants to be there forever.

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