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A day in the life of a Hero (OFW)

Two Fridays ago, I got up at an unaccustomed unholy hour. I had to play early morning tennis with a friend at Mariott Hotel in this foreign city which has remained alien even after living here for years I don’t care to count.

Dang, it was cold and windy that morning. I was surprised that the weather here can be so crazy as well. I had thought in this part of the world it was easy to know: it is hot when it is summer, and it is cold when it is winter and that is it. Now, I could no longer tell. Climate change, perhaps. Or could it be I was the only one unaware of these sudden changes because lately I have been spending so much time in bed.

Instead of waking up early which I used to do, I have been cuddling my pillows and I suspect that while the sun was rising, I was snoring so loudly that the birds that used to come at my window and sing beautiful melodies got pissed off and flew away somewhere more quiet. And who knows what else had happened? One thing is sure though, my bed has so much affection for me and vice versa.

My friend and I played several sets, after which we went to the lounge to relax a bit. I was expecting libreng coffee with milk. I forgot I was in the sports facility of an expensive hotel and not in the bakala (store).

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Kwentado: Kwentong Wala Lang o Walang Kwenta

Ang sabi ni friend, ang assignment ko raw ay tungkol sa ‘The Pinoy’s Happiness Index” na nag sasaad ng ganito: Despite low development indeces, including per capita, income rates, Pinoys are happy. Why and How? Examples.

Pero dahil busy ako sa aking trabaho at sa nalalapit at walang tigil na certification examinations na ibinibigay ng Capital Market Authority dito, di ko alam kung papaano gagawin ang mga ito. Kung sabagay, medyo related ang iba sa mga topics na nabanggit sa nalalapit na exams ko katulad ng mga terms na per capita, income rates at development indeces, di ko pa rin magagawa ang mga ito.

Kaya naisipan ko na ibahagi na lang sa inyo ang mga bagay na nakita ko nitong mga nakaraang mga araw.

Unang una na ay ang mga munting bagay sa pananaw ng ibang lahi kumpara sa pananaw ng mga Pinoy, in general tulad ng public display of affection o kung ano man ang tawag dito sa Filipino.

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