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But Today, I Simply Hate This Post! LOL

“OMG, I hate math! Or sometimes, “Damn, I hate numbers!”

That’s what I heard the other day from school kids and from my office-mate early this morning.

And I bet my two betlogs, you also heard that from other people of various ages and people from of all walks of life when confronted by a particular situation concerning numbers, be it simple or complicated. I guess, it is or it has become integral part of most people’s attitude in various societies to find something convenient to put their blame on especially on a FAIL situation.

It may seem funny or stupid but numbers are with us even before God put us in this world and even before we were born. But whether we love, hate or blame numbers, they are here to stay.

Remember it took God seven days  to finish His creation.  And, I am sure without shouting, we all know that 7 is also a number. Right?

Also, correct me if I am wrong, it took 2 people, 1 male and 1 female, to help one God (if you believe in that) in pro-creation. In that process, our parent, the 1 male and the 1 female,  had sex, one time or several times (only them knows) before we were conceived when two cells (one sperm and one egg) met,  out of the million egg cells waiting and a million sperm cells released from an act done, one time or several times during the day.

Please do not ask me why even simple calculation causes some people or a number of people to hate math or numbers. I might be tempted to write down a number of simple answers that at the end you will start counting how many times you have scratched your head in disbelief.

And yes, in disbelief, you might end up wondering how much hair fell when you started scratching which,  in the first place, you should have scratched something else other than your balding head.

“OMG, I hate math! Damn, I hate numbers!”

Honestly, I do,  sometimes.

But today, I simply hate this post!  LOL