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Earth Hour 2011: At 8:30 P.M., Tonight, I Will

I’ll celebrate with you.
I’ll turn off the light.
For an hour or so
You and I,
Will do it again together
Just like the way we’ve done it
Many nights before.
In the dark, with a lamp or just a candlelight
We will reconnect and experience
The simple joys we have long ignored.
Feel the air that touches us.
See the moon or the stars that shine above us.
Watch the moths bask in that same candlelight.
Perhaps snap and scratch just a little lit
As mosquito bites and sucks or sips our blood.
And knowing that we can share and do it for an hour
And still be, in every seconds of that 60 minutes
Its simplicity,  maybe a magical moment for the rest of us
We will,

March 26, 2011, Tonight @ 8:30 till 9:30, You and I will.
Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 2011, I will!

What are you looking for in a house or a home?

The other day, a real estate broker/agent visited me and showed me some very interesting properties that they are offering especially for a “discriminating, intelligent, well-informed real estate customer/investor.” Wow. ang (damning) daming adjectives. ha ha ha

Honestly, all the properties being offered to me are all good for investment purposes and I wish I could buy them all. Ha ha ha

And Yes, I was amazed, I guess, the broker/agent sensed that but then  he felt that I am still looking for something else other than what he has presented to me.  And when the situation is like this, I knew, without a doubt, that he would say these usual lines:

What are you looking for in a house or a home? Tell us and we will help you in finding it.

My answer:  MONEY. That is what I am looking for in a house.

And yes again,  the real estate broker/agent did not expect anything like this. For a moment, there was silence (natamimi), then smile (of course, kasi simangot  is not allowed, hehehe) and laughter. “Yes sir, you are right! There is really no doubt in my mind that you are one ‘discriminating, intelligent, well-informed real estate customer/investor.” Ay Inulit. ha ha ha

But I know and I am sure that there were other adjectives or things running in the mind of the real estate broker/agent. Please do not ask me what? Ha ha ha.

Ikaw, You, what are you looking for in a house or home?

Some kind of  a lesson: It is hard to sell something if you do not know how to sell or if the customer is not capable of buying the thing you are selling.

In shortdo the K.Y.C. – Know Your Customer baby, just like the first rule of not getting into trouble with money laundering.  LOL