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We Are The ‘Fuckiest’ News Ever

Messy Wires


I have some news for you. A kind of fuc**ed news actually. He he he.

No,  this is not about our airport  that  sucks  (you knew that already, right?). This is perhaps one of the reasons why our airport is the worst of  ’em all in 2011.’  Please continue reading.

From Transparency International:

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 180 countries and territories. A composite index, the CPI is based on 13 different expert and business surveys.

CPI Facts

The CPI measures perceptions of public sector corruption

The CPI is not intended to measure a country’s progress over time. It is a snapshot of perceptions of corruption, using data published in the past two years

The CPI is a survey of surveys, of experts and business persons, based both in the country and abroad.

Okay, what’s the fuc**d news then?

For  the year 2009,  the Corruption Perception Index says we were at 139th place along with Pakistan, Belarus and Bangladesh

For the year 2010, congratulations, we have had some kind of improvement compared to 2009’s rank. That seemed great but not that great because we are still or almost at the bottom at 134th. OMFG!.

I know.

Some people would say “at least” and so I say WTF! Butt, if that really is the case, then allow me to say something more stupid than “at least“. he he he

To countries like Bangladesh, Belarus and Pakistan who we shared the same wonderful spot, hello and how do you do? We are what we are.  Right?

To countries below us most notably Russia at 154, you are giving us some kind of pride. Thank you.

To countries that are on top of us and whose corruption perception index is much better than us like Uganda at 127th,  how come you did not join us? Teach us.

To countries like Mozambique, Tanzania and Vietnam at 116th,  you are really giving us shame. Do we really deserve it?

I could go on saying something more stupid than “at least” but that won’t do or change anything. It is what it is.

So, let me just guess.

I guess, some people would say that these reports may not be that accurate but then, even if we are half crazy,  can we and those “some people,”  say that we are better than Singapore and that we should also be in that number ONE spot?

The hell, no! Right?

But of course you or the  “some people” would say that it is stupid to compare us with Singapore but that basically is the point. We and the “some people” are part of the more than 90 million people who the crooks are screwing (up or down, or in whatever positions they love doing it) and toying around for the longest time but for some strange reason, have not done anything significant except telling ourselves that we have democracy and that we practice it with so much passion — we cast our votes and we kill each other before electing the same people fucking us, all the time. That’s passion!

Then after that, we let them have their passion. Greed!

And yet, we still ask why?  But really, we know why we are fucked despite the fact that we have almost everything from human resources that the government and other people love to fuck, to natural resources that most of us care to abuse along with the government and others who love to fuck it as well.

The ‘fuckiest’ thing about this is that we have so much to say about this and that and them, just like me, but we seldom walk the talk. We only exercise our mouth,  not our whole body to kick them out.

Oh well you and ‘some people could say that we did naman the walk and the talk. Remember we have had (teka have ba o had ang tama?) EDSA 1, EDSA 2, EDSA 3 (ha! may bagong gawa bang EDSA? o ang ibig mong sabihin na wan-to-three tayo sa EDSA? kasi, kung totoo yon, sana di na nakabalik karamihan sa kanila ). And then we voted for the tuwid na daan.  (you mean, the road to where balut is made?)

Okay! And so, … wat?

And so, as always, we are fucked.

And we seem to enjoy it, all the way.

Need I say more?

Yes! We are the ‘fuckiest’ news, ever. Gets?