The gang of thieves or a bunch of schoolyard bullies?

This keeps me wondering for a while today. You have seen and heard the news.  It was loud and clear – Officials of the Aquino administration barred the Arroyos from leaving the country.

And typical of the televenovelas that we Pinoys have had to endure or enjoy for years, the bida and the kontrabida are doing what they are supposed to do – ACT. The carefully worded statements on media (of course) directed at us viewers, delivered with so much passion and great emotion, perhaps to gain sympathy or empathy (look, I am pitiful baby.), to raise our emotions, to tickle our brain cells, just in case they do function that way (hahahaha) are pasted everywhere and we are now in it, amused or otherwise, watching the shift of fortunes, just like in the Gulong ng palad.

As it was then and as it is now, it is very clear that everything changes. The then powerful family who stayed in power for nearly nine years (or more) is just like the many  men that lived, died and had fallen (including Manny Pacquiao although not dead yet. lol) and as always, at a certain point, had to struggle as  tricks usually ran short hence,  losing invincibility is a certainty. With it, comes the realization (I just assume,) that being in that powerful tower of power  is just a temporary cloak that covers human frailties, change,  good or bad has to take its place.

Perhaps, the gods went crazy and the universe conspired,  set the condition for harvesting what  has been sown.  Probably this is a simple case of karma, the ‘basura mo babalik sa yo’  thing or simply, that which they normally say, ‘what goes around comes around.’ After all, there is a shape called circle and in it, there is always an angle or place where every turn of events  are happening or where it is bound to happen. At this point, a 360-degree turn is at full view of everyone.

Life is good and life could be a piece of shit and it always depends on which situation one is  in. Being in any of that circumstance is either a poetic justice or simply an irony of being alive. Again, just like in most telenovelas, the tensions always build up, much more intense than the previous one because the actors changed roles. Sa dami ng mga manunulat at style ng pagsulat ng istorya, ang bida noon ay nagiging kontrabida ngayon and vice versa.

So what?

Okay, let me.

Let me just focus on one of the main characters of this unfolding telenovela. The one who is at the thick of the airport scene? The one who is now in the frame of your screen? The one guy who is GMA’s light and shining armor? That one you either love or hate but could not be named.

The man.

And because he is the man of the moment, let us dwell on what he is barking about at this point. Forget the props and the hullaballoo. Let us zero-in to that one piece of shit that this guy has just said. That one that caught my attention and that is:

Aquino gov’t ‘a bunch of schoolyard bullies

As it is or as it was (whatever), I remember one good statement that was said long time ago which my brain could not remember who ever said it and it goes this way, ‘They are the gang of thieves!

Now, we are presented with two interesting if not compelling lines from one of the actors of this ongoing high drama brought to you by the Philippines Never Ending Story Productions and from the guy who I could not remember.

The BIG question in my mind for which I hope you would help me find a good answer is:  Which do you prefer?

The gang of thieves or a bunch of schoolyard bullies.

I’d like to assume that your answer is as good as mine – Nothing! But then, we’ve been through this situation (choosing the lesser evil) several times in the past, so, just,

Tell me.


Another piece of **** I heard on TV the other day:  “Yong ibang tao, nagtalukbong lang, nakaalis ng bansa. Yong ibang tao naman, kung anu ano na ang pinaggagawa, di makaalis alis ng bansa.” – Banana Split.  LOL

3 Responses to “The gang of thieves or a bunch of schoolyard bullies?”

  1. 1 Rhodora November 17, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Ilang years nga ba nangyari ang French Revolution? Sa world history, natatandaan ko merong tinaguriang ‘Battle of the Century’, di ko lang ma recall kung saang bansa. Ito namang sa Pinas, palagay ko maituturing itong ‘Battle of a Lifetime’. La magawa, tiis na lang tayo. Mahaba naman ang pasensya natin, eh. Lol!

  2. 2 myepinoy November 17, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    hahahaha. and ‘Battle of a Lifetime’ is brought to you by The Philippines Never Ending Stories Productions”

    sabi nga ng classmate ko, “buti pa ung pekeng president nakapagpakulong ng tunay na president pero yung tunay na president, di maipakulong ung pekeng presidente.” – hahahaha

  1. 1 There, assley is confused. « myepinOy’s bLOG Trackback on November 24, 2011 at 11:45 am

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