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I was feeling very lonely.

No! No, not me. It was Paulo Coelho.

How do I know?

Simple.  He wrote it in his blog.

Instead of feeling happy, I felt lonelier than before. Later on I realized that in my enthusiasm I had not paid any attention to what that Brazilian wanted.

Talk to me.

I tossed my words to the wind, because that was not what the Universe was wanting at that moment: I would have been much more useful if I had listened to what he had to say.

Now you know.

ha ha ha.

You (Ikaw), are you feeling lonely?

Behave! Behave! It’s Party Time!

Behave! Behave! It’s party time!


Yes,  you read it right. It is like your parents’ never-ending words when you were a kid going to a  neighborhood children’s party.

Is it not ironic or perhaps stupid that  I tell you to behave during party time considering that you are no longer a kid?

The answer is yes and the answer is no but please don’t ask me why? lol

At this time of the year, parties are all over the place and I presume (as I always do. hehehe ), no one will dare  say that parties are a waste of money and time even if there is an economic problem, personal problem or whatever. After all, this is the season to be merry and happy after those long days of hard work. And, it’s Christmas time – period.

Obviously you know exactly what I am talking about – office parties.

Yes, office parties where the bosses down to the lowest ranks are given the chance to relax and unwind after working like donkeys for months. Although they are called parties, they are  still not the usual parties or  the real ones that we commonly know. The simple reason is that the company foots the bill and the people you party with are not exactly your personal friends, although perhaps few of them are.

These parties are also different as they may UNDO you when you forget to BEHAVE and you go astray. The professional image you’ve been trying (hard) to project for years may at an instance be shattered before everyone present in the party. The worst thing for you is that at the end of the day or when the party is over, you realize they are still the same people you have worked with for the past many years and the same guys you will mingle with for the next days to come. They are, after all, your bosses, your office-mates or your subordinates – unless of course it is your last day of work. Lol

I remember well when I was still working in the Philippines. We had a Vice President who was considered to be the most gentleman of all, the nicest, the most respected and the ‘crush ng bayan’ officer that ever lived in my company’s universe. He had our high regard until that one instant in his life when he had one drink too many and he became the most ‘maniac ng bayan‘ officer that ever worked in the company.

Although, he apologized for what had happened but things were never the same again. The label stuck with him and it evolved from maniac ng bayan to  MnB, Mannix and The Man.

Then, there was this very beautiful, prim and proper and very intelligent office-mate. And boy oh boy, she was the girl you’d want to be even in your dreams. Just like the The Man, I mean the VP, she lost count of how many cheers and kampays she had made. Lo and Behold, on that x night of Christmas, WE saw The Gift, which Santa had kept for the naughty and nice.  And SHE not SANTA made our wishes come true. ha ha ha

I can cite more situations, yet the whole point here is, you are in an office party and you need to restrain yourself. You may enjoy the party but you don’t let go and ‘let it all hang out‘ as if it’s the end of the world – sa heaven or sa hell walang alak or beer.  In other words,  you need to remember the word, BEHAVE, just like when you were told as a kid.

When you don’t, think about this.

When those ‘moments of their lives’ happened, the so-called digital world and the Internet were not as extensive, as fast and as easily accessible as it is today.

Nowadays, every event in your life is, in most occasions, recorded in digital cameras and then posted on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Hence you cannot claim that whatever transpires in these parties is just a “figment of the imagination”. The truth is, everything is real, and there is proof.

Now, just imagine this.  What if it is you who would have this moment during this time of the year  in this digital world of ours?

Well, you are just like every human being enjoying the party, the office party, right? True, but then chances are, when you snapped, somewhere, somehow, someone will have it in HD and without you knowing it, it goes viral and you become an Internet sensation.

So, would you let go and let it all hang out and forget the word ‘BEHAVE’?

Oh, one more thing, don’t drink and drive. But that’s a totally different thing.

It’s party time, right?

Behave!  Behave!


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