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And indeed, it is true. Life goes on.

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And life goes on.

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in this world.

Why all the bad news? Not because there are few or no good things going on everywhere but perhaps, there’s a lot of money to make on bad news  and as always,  it takes longer to digest. (kinakain ba yon? he.he.he) It lingers on a bit longer than the other news,  so much so that old clips could be played, replayed, over and over, and of course, with those commercials. To me, it would have been great if they can put this:  This exclusive bad news is brought to you by THE COMPANY (sponsor) who we make money from… ha.ha.ha

oH sORRY, why on earth I started asking what’s going on in this world? The fact that in this post and everything that you will read below has got nothing to do with what’s…

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