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WTF have they told me and WTF I have to read!

Finally, after so many months of silence, I have something to say. Bwahahaha!

So let me start. Oki!

I thought my new assignment would make my small brain rest for awhile and stop memorizing or remembering more acronyms and abbreviations… I was mistaken. I was totally surprised. I was mistaken, again. LOL!

For nearly three or four decades (sorry can’t remember. lol), my small brain, on daily basis, has been accepting billion of things, maybe more if everything is counted from conception to deception, and for most part of that nearly 3 (yes, i guess 3) decades, all those RIC codes and those that are used by bankers, stock dealers, brokers, analysts, fund managers, bankers, CUSTOMERs, journalists and what have you (made money writing them though in bastardized way. lol) took the best space of my brain that in some or few instances, I forgot my name. I was thinking that my brain is using FIFO, or LIFO. Wait, ano nga ba ang FIFO at LIFO? lol

Count your blessings

This pic is not mine.

Now, I have to stretch, squeeze or find some more space inside my small brain (talaga ha?) to accommodate the new stuff like TCoE, SDLC, SLA, the so many ‘X’ Analysis things and terms, data blah blah, system security issue x,x,x,x, methodologies, structures, architectures, MIS and WTF have they told me and WTF I have to read.

My luck works in a not so constant way when at this age, (my age, yes, off course, no, of course!) my brain must only be used to visualize the best and the beautiful and what lies ahead and what should have been repeatedly playing inside it (it must be, it should be) are action words, QUIT / Retire / Enjoy after working hard for so many years…. I was mistaken. Again, I was totally surprised; I was mistaken. lol

I am not complaining. I am not ranting either. I am just saying things aloud.

Which, unrelated or not,  this morning, I saw something posted somewhere, “what’s for you won’t pass you by.” Whatever that means to you or to me, I am sure it means something. Ang gulo. lol

OH BTW, someone should have done regression testing on me. Regression testing is the process of testing changes to my brain (computer programs) to make sure that the old brain (older programming) still works with the new changes. lol

Kung di mo ito naintindihan, sori ha.