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One day, just one day, wag kang kokontra!

Before I proceed, ah ikaw pala, I would like you to click on this link. Why?  (wehhh, what a nerve you asked me why? just kidding.) Please read the title of this post. Okidoki.


Now, you may go ahead (i say go ahead not go away. lol). I mean, you may continue reading. Why? Please read the first paragraph. lol

Here we go.

Today is February 27, 2013. Right?

Okay, so what?

Google says:

As of 27/02/2013 00:00:01, You are 52 years, 0 months, 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds including 13 leap years,

or 52.0 years (again?)
or 624.0 months
or 2,713.2 weeks
or 18,993.0 days
or 455,832.0 hours
or 27,349,920.0 minutes
or 1,640,995,200 seconds

You were born on a Monday, your last birthday was a Monday and your lucky day is today, Wednesday.

And those figures my friend are based on the date my parents told me I was born – unless the record in NSCO says otherwise. lol

Now, you know my numbers. (parang sa kanta, you know my number, call me, maybe.) Ay naiba. Wahahahahaha.

Seriously (without being taken to hospital by ambulance, korni. lol), as I reflect on life (and the many things and questions I ponder upon everyday), I realized that I was and I am the one moving my life forward, backward, here, there and everywhere. I was the one who decided and the one who chose what’s for me and what’s not for me, where I should be and where I should not go. Out of these decisions and actions, many were  written in the corner of my small brain as, “should have been done that way, should have been easier.” As many as should have been done that way, should have been easier, there are also a lot of , “OMFG, I did that!” lol

HEY, don’t’ get me wrong. I have a lot to “congratulate me” (nahilo ka ba sa salitang ito? lol), cheer myself up, and so much more to thank the world, the universe and the one WHO created it.

Someone told me, life doesn’t move in straight lines.

at my age, i guess, sometimes, it does. butt,  there is no denying that the best moments, the most exciting, the most exhilarating happened while turning around the dangerous curve, speeding at the bumps and humps, on a sudden twist, on a huge fail, on a sudden rise and the big fall, face flat. (Ay. buhay ka pa! lol)

I do know now that,   for that and for all all other things , it would only take one day for them to happen,  just one day.

All because,

One day, I look and see. I looked and saw the huge canvass called life. I was mesmerized by  its beauty and till now, I am awed and owned by it.  One day, I stopped looking. I stopped seeing. Perhaps, on the other side of the huge canvass called life, I have seen something different – forced me to close my eyes. One day, I am seeing again. One day, I am looking again and then again, one day, I stopped.

One day, I write and write and wrote on that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped writing because I thought, everything that I am trying to write has already been written long time ago even before i was born. One day, I start writing again then again I stopped.

One day, I read and read and read everything that I wrote and the other things that were written in that huge canvass called life. One day,  I stopped reading.  Not that there is nothing interesting to read there but simply, I just decided to stop . One day, I start reading again and then again, I stopped.

One day, I love and love and love everything in that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped loving many of them. (I did not say “I hate”, just making sure of that. ha ha ha) One day I start again and stop again. and I believe, this is also the case for those who love and loved me in that huge canvass called life..

One day, I travel and travel and traveled. I have set my sight to reach all the corners of that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped traveling. One day I start again and stop again.

One day, I talk and talk and talk and say what’s on my mind in that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped talking. I started listening. One day, I start again and stop again. One day, I do both – talking and listening.

One day, I believe and believe and believed that the huge canvass called life belongs to those who believe that one day, that huge canvass would be a masterpiece. One day, I stopped. I don’t believe anymore. I questioned everything I believe about the huge canvass called life. One day, I start again and then stop.

One day, I play and play and play in that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped playing. One day I start again and stop again.

One day, I work and work and worked. One day, I will not. (kailan kaya o kailangan kaya? lol)

One day, I was born.  I breath and breath, live and live and live. One day, He will let me stop breathing and breathing, living and living. Maybe, just maybe, if there really is something out there, one day, I will leave the huge cavass called life. I will live and live and live forever somewhere out there. lol

One day, I will be 99. One day, maybe,  just one day less, just one day more, I will live or I will go.

One day, one life, one purpose, many dreams.

One day given, a million thanks and immeasurable gratitude everyday.

One day, just one day, many things happened, 52 years ago, today.

One day, just this one day, wag ka na kokontra kahit di mo maintindihan ang nakasulat dito dahil mali, may mali sa grammar at magulo talaga. Gets mo. LOL.

Happy Birthday to all those born or burned today!

At para sa yo, Ui Salamat. Imagine, umabot ka dito sa dulo. ( And for you, Thank You!)