De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Is All Your Politicians Want To Say to You

They are MEANINGLESS but you simply believed them.

Last night I was in the airport to pick my kumpare who is going back to reality. Going back to reality because his vacation in Manila is over. lol

As I was waiting for him to come out from the door of the airport, I was seated with a young Filipino couple.

The wife holds their sleepy young son. The boy’s head is comfortably rested in his mother’s right shoulder while the father lovingly brushes his hair.

The sleepy boy then lifted his head and turned to his father, “Yes baby, sleep ka pa ha. Lolo is not coming out yet,” said the father.

The door opens. The father stands up to check whether the Lolo is among the passengers. As he sits down, the young kid extends his hand to his father saying, “de dodo.”

For us Pinoys, we know what that means – he is hungry and he needs his milk.

Early in the moning today, I was watching a youtube video of Sting live in Manila. And mind you, what the boy has just said is exactly the song which I googled the lyrics so I can sing along with.

Poets, priests and poiticians
Have words to thank for their positions
Words that scream for your submission
And no one’s jamming their transmission
‘Cos when their eloquence escapes you
Their logic ties you up and rapes you.

De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do, de da da da
Their innocence will pull me through
De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you

De do do do, de da da da
They’re meaningless and all that’s true

What I just saw in the airport made me realize that:

The song is not meaningless.

Between the boy and the father, the ‘de do do, da da da ‘ means so much more than asking the father a milk. It is a language of love.

For the Kupal politicians the ‘the de do do’ is not really meaningless when said eloquently. It spells magic.

For the even more kupal pinoy voters, the “de do do’ means so much more than a lovely song heard from ibong Adarna. It is a language of doom. No common sense needed. No logic required.

As we leave the airport, my mind still sings;

de do do, de da da.

I just wish that the boy grew up as Jose Rizal expected him to be – the future of our mother land.

de do do, de da da, nagrereklamo ka pero sila pa rin ang ininoboto mo. de do do, de da da, is al i want to say to you.

de do do do, de da da da, they’re meaningless and all that’s true.

de do do do, de da da da, gamitin mo ang yong common sense, di ka na baby is all i want to say to you.


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