This is myepinOy’s bLOG about many things. (you’ll find out if you have time to read them.)

I assume you want to know more about me rather than what this blog is all about. Who I am and what I am?

Well, incidentally and or fortunately, whether you like it or not, I am human.  I can write  obviously (though I am not very particular with correct grammar. LOL!)  I can read. I also work like everyone else  and for sure, by now, you  know, I blog here.

I guess you want some more information about me but then, i figured out, even if I write a million pages here, you would not know who I really am.

I bet by now you want to leave this page but before you do, let me assure you, I am human who writes, reads, works  and blogs here.  I already told you, right? he he he

BTW, I am an OFW and I am a proud Pinoy! (If you care to know what Pinoy and  OFW mean.) Oh,  I almost forgot, without bragging, I am a HERO. Yeah, that’s right. I am a HERO!  you don’t get it, right? anyhow, never mind. thanks anyway.

Hey, wait, before you leave, I also write crazy things here and there.

Thank you so much.



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