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I am still here

Pearl Jam – Eddie Vedder

Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig

Hope you like the music. Have a great day ahead.

Eyes on me

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I love you too!

Here is a text message from my beloved daughter.


Kahit na one week na akong two hours a day lang ang tulog….

I love you, too! 🙂


It is simple yet powerful enough to inspire me. It gives me the inner strength I need everyday to keep me going and living (alone thousands of miles away from home).

It touches the soul, lifts the spirit and fills the heart with so much joy, the sweetest music that one hears and the most endearing of all.

I guess, the feeling is the same for most O.F.W.’s everywhere.

On My Own

Lea Salonga as Eponine in Les Miserables.

I’m talking to myself and not to him…… but only on my own.

Be crazy: It’s easy!

Yes, I wrote them right after the smokes of New Year 2008 cleared allowing the fresh and cool wind of Cavite to touch my happy face while I stared at those marvelous stars painted all over that great and wide canvass over our heads. It was a great feeling, knowing and being in a place you called home.

Yes, it feels good because I still do not need that much amount of zinc to help my brain remember those words and non-sense I scribbled on that piece of bond paper which I titled The List. It was a long list that contained everything that I said I would finish all at one time in the first two months of the year. It was my attempt of sort to set a world record. LOL

Here are some (or few) of them.

Finish writing that book! (i’ve got the balls you know…)

. . . not knowing that in the absence of these other colors, there wouldn’t be a profound beauty called rainbow.

Complete my sketch book and the Kartoon series.
Make a lot of money from stock investment!!!
Play tennis everyday.
Vacation, three times a year.
Work less.
Sleep more.
Be irresponsible.
Be crazy.
And the long list goes on.

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I’ll take you back

Yes that’s for sure HE will take you back always, no matter what, whoever you are and whatever you have become. Believe me , I know.

Jeremy Camp – Take You Back

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