This page is created to lead you to the place where the recovered entries of my Live Ur Life! blog is currently held.

Ekspat Fil Blog – Thoughts Recovered

The purpose is to put back to the blogosphere every posts of Live Ur Life! blog from the back up file I made. It covers the period from August 2005 up to early part of of March 2006.

Live Ur Life! went out of circulation because the webhost suddenly went off air and to oblivion, it just died, no sounds, no whisper not ever a whimper.

Kindly note that not all entries are in place as the process of puting them back requires posting each old entries one by one manually because wordpress does not have a tool to import data from a sql back up file.

Please click HERE or click the one on top inside the navigation bar called OLDBLOG to bring you there safe and sound.

A word of caution though. Please do not click that OldBlog word inside this page, you will end up in Highway 404. You know what I mean.

Thank you so much.


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