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Just saying, this world is not hopeless.

Lilith/Rei looks to the sky, pulled by the Ear...

Lilith/Rei looks to the sky, pulled by the Earth’s gravity, and cradles the Egg of Lilith which absorbed the souls of all human beings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contrary to what cynics say, this world of ours is not hopeless. There are still lots of people who are kind and generous – too generous to the point of giving away everything to a person like me who is a total stranger.

Take a look at this generous offer from a person who I never met and who I would not meet in my lifetime.

I am Mrs. Fiona Crawford an aging widow suffering from long time illness. I have decided to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to you for work of humanity rather than allow my greedy relatives to use my husband’s hard earned money in ungodly way. For more information, please reach out to my lawyer with this specified email address markroland7 at hotmail do com He will give you directives on how the money should be willed to you. Right now, i have been cautioned not to receive calls. Email my lawyer: markroland7 at hotmail dot com.

You see, we as human beings of this world have a lot to wish and hope for.

We hope and pray that one day this kind of people shall perish in the face of the earth.

So tell me, who’s saying that we have nothing more to hope for?


One day, just one day, wag kang kokontra!

Before I proceed, ah ikaw pala, I would like you to click on this link. Why?  (wehhh, what a nerve you asked me why? just kidding.) Please read the title of this post. Okidoki.


Now, you may go ahead (i say go ahead not go away. lol). I mean, you may continue reading. Why? Please read the first paragraph. lol

Here we go.

Today is February 27, 2013. Right?

Okay, so what?

Google says:

As of 27/02/2013 00:00:01, You are 52 years, 0 months, 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds including 13 leap years,

or 52.0 years (again?)
or 624.0 months
or 2,713.2 weeks
or 18,993.0 days
or 455,832.0 hours
or 27,349,920.0 minutes
or 1,640,995,200 seconds

You were born on a Monday, your last birthday was a Monday and your lucky day is today, Wednesday.

And those figures my friend are based on the date my parents told me I was born – unless the record in NSCO says otherwise. lol

Now, you know my numbers. (parang sa kanta, you know my number, call me, maybe.) Ay naiba. Wahahahahaha.

Seriously (without being taken to hospital by ambulance, korni. lol), as I reflect on life (and the many things and questions I ponder upon everyday), I realized that I was and I am the one moving my life forward, backward, here, there and everywhere. I was the one who decided and the one who chose what’s for me and what’s not for me, where I should be and where I should not go. Out of these decisions and actions, many were  written in the corner of my small brain as, “should have been done that way, should have been easier.” As many as should have been done that way, should have been easier, there are also a lot of , “OMFG, I did that!” lol

HEY, don’t’ get me wrong. I have a lot to “congratulate me” (nahilo ka ba sa salitang ito? lol), cheer myself up, and so much more to thank the world, the universe and the one WHO created it.

Someone told me, life doesn’t move in straight lines.

at my age, i guess, sometimes, it does. butt,  there is no denying that the best moments, the most exciting, the most exhilarating happened while turning around the dangerous curve, speeding at the bumps and humps, on a sudden twist, on a huge fail, on a sudden rise and the big fall, face flat. (Ay. buhay ka pa! lol)

I do know now that,   for that and for all all other things , it would only take one day for them to happen,  just one day.

All because,

One day, I look and see. I looked and saw the huge canvass called life. I was mesmerized by  its beauty and till now, I am awed and owned by it.  One day, I stopped looking. I stopped seeing. Perhaps, on the other side of the huge canvass called life, I have seen something different – forced me to close my eyes. One day, I am seeing again. One day, I am looking again and then again, one day, I stopped.

One day, I write and write and wrote on that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped writing because I thought, everything that I am trying to write has already been written long time ago even before i was born. One day, I start writing again then again I stopped.

One day, I read and read and read everything that I wrote and the other things that were written in that huge canvass called life. One day,  I stopped reading.  Not that there is nothing interesting to read there but simply, I just decided to stop . One day, I start reading again and then again, I stopped.

One day, I love and love and love everything in that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped loving many of them. (I did not say “I hate”, just making sure of that. ha ha ha) One day I start again and stop again. and I believe, this is also the case for those who love and loved me in that huge canvass called life..

One day, I travel and travel and traveled. I have set my sight to reach all the corners of that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped traveling. One day I start again and stop again.

One day, I talk and talk and talk and say what’s on my mind in that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped talking. I started listening. One day, I start again and stop again. One day, I do both – talking and listening.

One day, I believe and believe and believed that the huge canvass called life belongs to those who believe that one day, that huge canvass would be a masterpiece. One day, I stopped. I don’t believe anymore. I questioned everything I believe about the huge canvass called life. One day, I start again and then stop.

One day, I play and play and play in that huge canvass called life. One day, I stopped playing. One day I start again and stop again.

One day, I work and work and worked. One day, I will not. (kailan kaya o kailangan kaya? lol)

One day, I was born.  I breath and breath, live and live and live. One day, He will let me stop breathing and breathing, living and living. Maybe, just maybe, if there really is something out there, one day, I will leave the huge cavass called life. I will live and live and live forever somewhere out there. lol

One day, I will be 99. One day, maybe,  just one day less, just one day more, I will live or I will go.

One day, one life, one purpose, many dreams.

One day given, a million thanks and immeasurable gratitude everyday.

One day, just one day, many things happened, 52 years ago, today.

One day, just this one day, wag ka na kokontra kahit di mo maintindihan ang nakasulat dito dahil mali, may mali sa grammar at magulo talaga. Gets mo. LOL.

Happy Birthday to all those born or burned today!

At para sa yo, Ui Salamat. Imagine, umabot ka dito sa dulo. ( And for you, Thank You!)

WTF have they told me and WTF I have to read!

Finally, after so many months of silence, I have something to say. Bwahahaha!

So let me start. Oki!

I thought my new assignment would make my small brain rest for awhile and stop memorizing or remembering more acronyms and abbreviations… I was mistaken. I was totally surprised. I was mistaken, again. LOL!

For nearly three or four decades (sorry can’t remember. lol), my small brain, on daily basis, has been accepting billion of things, maybe more if everything is counted from conception to deception, and for most part of that nearly 3 (yes, i guess 3) decades, all those RIC codes and those that are used by bankers, stock dealers, brokers, analysts, fund managers, bankers, CUSTOMERs, journalists and what have you (made money writing them though in bastardized way. lol) took the best space of my brain that in some or few instances, I forgot my name. I was thinking that my brain is using FIFO, or LIFO. Wait, ano nga ba ang FIFO at LIFO? lol

Count your blessings

This pic is not mine.

Now, I have to stretch, squeeze or find some more space inside my small brain (talaga ha?) to accommodate the new stuff like TCoE, SDLC, SLA, the so many ‘X’ Analysis things and terms, data blah blah, system security issue x,x,x,x, methodologies, structures, architectures, MIS and WTF have they told me and WTF I have to read.

My luck works in a not so constant way when at this age, (my age, yes, off course, no, of course!) my brain must only be used to visualize the best and the beautiful and what lies ahead and what should have been repeatedly playing inside it (it must be, it should be) are action words, QUIT / Retire / Enjoy after working hard for so many years…. I was mistaken. Again, I was totally surprised; I was mistaken. lol

I am not complaining. I am not ranting either. I am just saying things aloud.

Which, unrelated or not,  this morning, I saw something posted somewhere, “what’s for you won’t pass you by.” Whatever that means to you or to me, I am sure it means something. Ang gulo. lol

OH BTW, someone should have done regression testing on me. Regression testing is the process of testing changes to my brain (computer programs) to make sure that the old brain (older programming) still works with the new changes. lol

Kung di mo ito naintindihan, sori ha.

And indeed, it is true. Life goes on.

myepinOy's bLOG

And life goes on.

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in this world.

Why all the bad news? Not because there are few or no good things going on everywhere but perhaps, there’s a lot of money to make on bad news  and as always,  it takes longer to digest. (kinakain ba yon? he.he.he) It lingers on a bit longer than the other news,  so much so that old clips could be played, replayed, over and over, and of course, with those commercials. To me, it would have been great if they can put this:  This exclusive bad news is brought to you by THE COMPANY (sponsor) who we make money from… ha.ha.ha

oH sORRY, why on earth I started asking what’s going on in this world? The fact that in this post and everything that you will read below has got nothing to do with what’s…

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Basta, ang importante, mahalaga.

“Basta, ang importante, mahalaga.” Minsan narinig ko ito sa isang tao.

At nasabi ko, okay ito. Di ko na pinag-sipan pa kung talagang ang importante, mahalaga.

The six monkeys

The Six Monkeys @ Isdaan, Gerona, Tarlac

Kaya naman, tuwing may makakausap ako na tipong may problema, lagi kong naisisingit sa usapan ang linyang, ‘basta, ang importante, mahalaga. Kapag minsan naman, binabaligtad ko, “ang mahalaga, importante.”

Kung minsan, natatawa ang pinagsaabihan ko. kung minsan naman naiinis at napapagsabihan ako, ‘nang-aasar ka ba?”

Dahil nga di ko naman pinag-isipan kung ano ba talaga  ang saysay nito at sa tingin ko lang ay okay sabihin, kaya, as expected, ang sagot ko ulit, ‘basta ang importante, mahalaga.” ha ha ha

Noong isang araw, sinubukan kong pag-isipan kung ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin o may kahulugan ba o may saysay ba ang salitang, ‘Basta, ang importante, mahalaga.”

So, ano nga ba?

Ito ang mga salitang mabilis na sumagi sa aking isipan.

The man @ Baguio City public market

The Man @ Baguio City Public Market

Ang importante, mahalaga.
Ang hindi importante, hindi mahalaga.
Ang hindi importante, posibleng mahalaga.
Ang importante, posibleng hindi mahalaga.
Ang importante sa isang tao, maaring hindi mahalaga sa ibang tao.
Ganon din naman na ang hindi importante sa isang tao, maaring mahalaga sa ibang tao.

The Man @ Baguio City Public Market

The Man @ Baguio City Public Market

Marami pang bagay ang pumasok sa aking isipan pero wag na ninyo ako tanungin kasi inantok ako. Nakatulog at pag gising ko kinabukasan, nakalimutan ko na ang iba pang bagay bagay na pumasok sa isipan ko.

At ang kamangha-mangha sa lahat, makalipas ang ilang araw  simula ng nag-isip ako, kanina, pag gising ko, iisang linya pa rin ang malinaw na malinaw at hindi ko nakakalimutan, ‘basta,  ang importante, mahalaga.”

Naisip ko (ay salamat naman gumagana pa. lol), siguro, pag dating ng panahon, maipapaliwanag ko rin ng maayos ang aking pagka-intindi o pagka-unawa sa mga salitang ito.

Sundot Kulangot - Baguio City Public Market

Sundot Kulangot

Sa ngayon, ang masasabi ko lang, ‘basta ang importante, mahalaga.”

Kita nyo, mayroon ako naisulat dito kahit papaano.


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oops, teka muna, tama bang sabihin, “basta, ang importante, mahalaga?” Kung ikaw ang pagsasabihan ko nito, matutuwa ka ba o maiinis?

Pinoy, Kailan Ka Matututo?

Kahapon, kausap ko ang aking kaopisina. Di sya Pinoy.

May itinanong sya sa akin. Hindi ako nakasagot. Natulala, sapagkat hiyang-hiya ako. HinDi dahil may ginawa akong masama o ano mang bagay na magpapababa sa pagkatao ko bilang Pinoy.

Ang dahilan, basura.

Tama po. Basurang nagkalat. Basurang itinapon na lang sa kung saan. Basurang inanod ng baha dahil sa bagyong Gener. Basurang mula sa iba’t-ibang lugar, namasyal, napilitang manood ng paglubog ng araw sa isang bahagi ng seawall sa Roxas Boulevard. Tone-toneladang basura na lumabas sa balita at  nakunan ng larawan.

Source: ABS-CBN

Ito, kumakalat sa buong mundo via internet. Ito ang basurang nakita ng aking kaopisina. Ito ang basurang itinanong nya sa akin. Ito ang basurang nagdulot ng aking kahihiyan bilang Pinoy.

Matagal-tagal na hindi ako nakakaranas ng ganitong kahihiyan. Matagal-tagal na rin na di ako natatamimi.

Kahapon lang ulit.

Kaya, muli, ang utak kong matagal-tagal ng di nagtatatanong at nagiisip, bigla na lang napuno ng mga tanong. Pakiwari ko, bigla na lang itong nagasgas dahil sa basura.

Naiinis ako. NapiPikon. Bwisit talaga!  Sino?  Sila! Mga gago at tanga!

May mga sinabi at karanasan na muli bumalik sa aking isipan.

Ang sabi ni Kulas.

ang siste, ang mga pinoy kung nasa ibang bansa, marunong magtapon ng basura sa tamang lugar, pag nasa pinas, bahala na si batman.

Tama si Kulas.

Kasi minsan, nakita ko ang mukha sa binanggit ni Kulas. Tawagin na lang natin sya na, ang matino na gago at tangang pinoy.”

Pauwi ako sa Pinas noon. May nakasabay ako. Mapino ang kanyang kilos, malinis ang anyo, maayos ang bihis, kagalang-galang ang dating. Sa boarding area ng Changi Airport, habang naghihintay, kumain muna sya ng chocolate. Unti-unti,  naubos ang mamahaling tsokolate.

Malumanay na  uminom ng tubig.

Pagkatapos  ibalik ang bottled water sa kanyang leather bag,  tumayo, luminga-linga, may hinahanap.

Basurahan. Garbage bin.

Pero wala. Wala syang nakitang basurahan na malapit sa kinatatayuan nya.

Habang umuupo, dahan-dahan nyang itinupi ang wrapper, maingat na isinuksok sa isa sa bulsa ng kanyang magara, kulay itim at tila mamahaling coat. Kinuha ang iPad. Nagbasa.

“Cool. Tunay kang pinoy kabayan!,” yan ang naisip ko. Napangiti ako at napahanga sa kanyang ginawa.

Pag dating sa Pinas, hinubad ang magarang itim na coat, Kinapa-kapa ang bulsa, may dinukot. At bago sumakay sa mamahaling sasakyan na sumusundo sa kanya, ang wrapper ng tsokolate na iningatan at ibinulsa sa magara nyang coat, itinapon na lang basta sa kalsada. Hindi man lang sya nagpatumpik-tumpik o lumingon-lingon pa katulad ng ginawa nya doon sa airport ng Singapore.

Humarurot ang sasakyan. Para bagang sinasabi nya, “I’m back to where I belong! My one and unli beloved Philippines.”

Ang wrapper naman, natangay ng hangin, “OMG! He just dumped me in the street. Shit! This is it!  Welcome to the Philippines!


Basura! Basura! Basura!

May taong matino.
May taong gago.
May tao ring tanga.
Sa kaso ng tone-toneladang basura
na naanod sa Roxas Boulevard
malinaw na
mas marami ang gago at tanga.

Kung ikaw ang isa
sa napakaraming gago at tanga
Sensya na
Kailangan kong sabihin ito
Dapat napasama ka na
sa mga naanod na basura.

Di kita sinisisi
Dahil wala nang silbi
Lalo na kung gago at tanga ka.
Basura! Basura! Basura!
Mas masahol ka pa sa basura.

Nag walk-out si Mirriam, si Corona at si Ruffa so what?

Walk-out Lady

Noong nakalipas na mga araw, tineks ko ang aking kaibigan. ang sabi ko, dre, nag walk-out si Mirriam sa Impeachment Trial ni Corona.

Ang sagot sa akin ng kaibigan ko,

pre, ano naman ang keber ko dyan. kahit naman sya mag walk-out araw araw di naman mababago na OFW pa rin ako. Mabubuhay ba pamilya ko dyan? At isa pa expected naman sa kanya yan kasi sobra na sya sa talino. Ang mga nandyan mga gago. wahh.

Noon namang tumestigo si Corona, tineks ko ulit ang aking kaibigan. ang sabi ko, dre, nag walk-out si Corona pagkatapos nya sa witness stand. Napikon si Enrile.

Ang sagot sa akin ng kaibigan ko,

pre, ano naman ang keber ko dyan. kahit naman  mag walk-out si Corona araw araw di naman mababago na OFW pa rin ako. Mabubuhay ba pamilya ko dyan? At isa pa expected naman sa kanya yan kasi ayaw nya sumagot. Kasama na yan sa script buking na kasi. kailangan nya ng isang drama para maantig ang damdamin ng mga pusong mamon na pinoy. iniisip nya siguro, marami naniniwala sa kanya. baka magkaroon ng mirakol, pipol power katulad noong impeachment ni Erap.

Kay Enrile ganon din.  kahit naman araw-araw syang mapikon, wala namang epek sa kabuhayan ko yan. so, ano paki ko? Ikaw Pre, meron ba?

Noong May 10, 2012, nag-text sa akin ang aking kaibigan, Ang text message nya,  “Pre, Talo si Pacman. Nadaya! Olats ako sa pustahan. malaki! bwisit!”

Ang sagot ko naman,

dre, ano naman ang paki ko dyan? kahit araw araw matalo at madaya si pacman, di naman mababago na OFW pa rin ako. Mabubuhay ba pamilya ko dyan? Yan, pumusta ka, yari ka kay kumander, may unexplained expenses ka.  manigas ka. wag mo ako uutangan. At saka, hindi sa akin  o sa barangay mo dapat ipaalam na natalo ka, kay kumander mo yan sabihin at doon ka magpaliwanag.  lol

Noong June 23, 2012, nag-text sa akin ang aking kaibigan. ang sabi nya, Pre, nag walk-out si Ruffa sa kanyang show sa TV5. Sabi nya sa mga ilang tweets nya, “From this day on, I will no longer be part of Paparazzi. I will never tolerate DISRESPECT in any form done to me, to my children or to my beloved viewers.” and “I refuse to be part of trashy reporting that degrades people or shames others. ‪#Paparazzi‬”

Ang sagot ko sa aking kaibigan,

dre, ano naman ang paki ko dyan. kahit naman sya mag walk-out  araw araw di naman mababago na OFW pa rin ako. Mabubuhay ba pamilya ko dyan?

At kahit nga ma in-love sa akin yan (assuming), di ko sure kung ano ang aking gagawin. (at may paki pala. lol). malamang, di ko kakayanin, kasi spokening in dollars yan. eh alam mo naman ngayon, strenghtening daw ang piso kontra dolyares dahil umuunlad na ang ekonomiya ng pinas ayon sa sabi ng mga kagalanggalang na mga opisyales ng kumite de peste-ho este gobyerno. bwahahaha.

Kahapon, kasama ko ang pare ko. Nagpunta kami sa bahay ng isang kaibigan namin. Nakikain. At talaga namang  napakasarap ng inihandang pagkain ni kumare. Kaya natural din na mapasarap kwentuhan. umaasa din, baka may second round pa. ha ha ha.

Sa gitna ng kwentuhan at katuwawaan, mga alas-onse pasado  na ng gabi, lumapit sa amin ang aming kumare. sa isp ko, yan na!  yon pala may sasabihin lang kay pareko.

“Pare, may text message  si kumare.” Ang sabi, ‘UMUWI KA na! NOW NA! kung HINDI ka pa UUWI, magwo walk outside na sya sa bahay nyo para sunduin ka.’

Ang sagot ni pareko, “Ah ganon! …. Yan!  yan ang malaki ang aking paki. D’yan ako may KEBER.

Hmmm. Napaisip ako. Di dahil sa sinabi ni pareko kundi dahil gusto ko. Paminsan-minsan okay din pala gamitin ang brain.  Masarap din pala ang nag-iisip. bwahahaha

Kung ano ang aking iniisip, itanong mo sa box sa ibaba. pramis sasagutin kita. At kapag nagkita tayo, papanumin pa kita ng sikat na beer sa buong mundo – beertigo. (with korniks)