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One truth that remains…

In “The Sign of the Four”, Sherlock Holmes says, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Did that  really happen when the supreme court justices rendered their decision (7 – 4 vote)  that acquitted the accused on the Vizconde Massacre?

Perhaps yes and perhaps not.

The truth, however improbable, is that these aren’t emotional and dumb  people deciding on cases submitted to them. Because if they were, they could have used their emotions — wait and let Christmas and New Year pass  then issue their decision on January 18, 2011, as they had originally set. But wtf!, they changed their minds.

Perhaps they thought Christmas Parties will blow away whatever emotional things attached to it including the pressure from the earlier killing of Pnoy’s Truth Commision. The timing seemed right and it is easier to bet that in just few days, people would forget eventually  especially when (an overload of) fresh news of putol na kamay, wasak na mukha, sunog na bahay, deaths, rape, murder, and etc. occupy the headlines and TV newscasts.

Which, if I am correct, ang tawag dito ay two birds in one shot. I told you, these aren’t dumb people. (Tayo lang yata ang dumb…. hehehe)

So what does that leave on the platito? Definitely not mani. Kidding aside, I don’t know yet, but whatever it is seems to be improbable. Unfortunately, Mr. Lauro Visconde finds himself back again to where he was 20 years ago.

And as it was then and as it is now, the one truth that remains: his wife and kids were massacred twice (figuratively as they say) because our so-called justice system sucks.

Note: Please do not ask me what this post is all about. Just do what Sherlock Holmes says then you will know. lol

About Mr. Condom, Sleep and Useless Rants

So today is Monday.  Yes, A Monday!

Mechai Viravaidya is the founder and chairman of the Population & Community Development Association (PDA), one of the largest NGOs in Thailand dedicated to poverty eradication. He is also well-known for his  Cabbages and Condoms restaurant.

In this TED talk he gives an amusing overview of how Thailand went from 7 children per family to 1.5 in less than four decades and a 90% reduction in HIV infection rates from 1991 to 2003.

P-noy must invite this guy to come over to the Philippines and help out with his Poverty and population programs.. Baka maka-enlighten siya sa pag iisip ng mga ibang tao sa ating lipunan most especially those people with brains molded in the dark ages and with mind-set stuck in the 1600.

* * *

Now, back to normal programming and on to the main thing. ha ha ha

Let me repeat.

So today is Monday.  Yes, A Monday!

Someone said that “an idle mind is the devils playground, and his name is Alzheimer’s.

On the other hand, another someone said “Sometimes the most productive thing one can do is to sleep.” Perhaps this someone really knew Alzheimer well. Ano sa palagay nyo?

But then, what happens when you wanted to be productive, meaning you wanted to sleep but you cannot. Not because the devil, ah the Alzheimer I mean, is having a good time in your brain cells or not that you have insomnia or whatever but simply, the people in the environment where you are in have undergone a drastic lifestyle change where they make the day their night and the night becomes their day for a month or till the moon disappears.

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All about bleeding noses

Ayon sa balita na napanood ko sa TV at nabasa ko sa ABS-CBN website – Erap rushed to hospital due to nose-bleeding:
MANILA, Philippines – Former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada was rushed to the hospital on Sunday afternoon because of profuse nose-bleeding.
His wife, former senator and doctor Luisa “Loi” Estrada said there is no cause for worry.
In an interview with ANC, she said: “There’s nothing to worry about. Nagkaroon lang ng parang gasgas. His nose bled, that’s it.”
She said doctors are now checking what caused the lesion “but there’s no mass, so it’s okay.”
It was Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, Jr. who rushed the former president to the hospital.
Many years back, an equally old comedian and noon-time TV show host had this joke on national TV:
Question: Papaano mo malalaman o masasabi na matanda na ang isang bading?
Answer: Kapag dumudugo na ang kanyang ilong (nose-bleeding)
Question: Bakit?
Answer: Kase, yon na lang ang masikip eh. LOL
Hey hey hey. Don’t look at me that way! I am just telling you stories that I have seen and heard on TV.
Peace! Happy Monday to all.

But Today, I Simply Hate This Post! LOL

“OMG, I hate math! Or sometimes, “Damn, I hate numbers!”

That’s what I heard the other day from school kids and from my office-mate early this morning.

And I bet my two betlogs, you also heard that from other people of various ages and people from of all walks of life when confronted by a particular situation concerning numbers, be it simple or complicated. I guess, it is or it has become integral part of most people’s attitude in various societies to find something convenient to put their blame on especially on a FAIL situation.

It may seem funny or stupid but numbers are with us even before God put us in this world and even before we were born. But whether we love, hate or blame numbers, they are here to stay.

Remember it took God seven days  to finish His creation.  And, I am sure without shouting, we all know that 7 is also a number. Right?

Also, correct me if I am wrong, it took 2 people, 1 male and 1 female, to help one God (if you believe in that) in pro-creation. In that process, our parent, the 1 male and the 1 female,  had sex, one time or several times (only them knows) before we were conceived when two cells (one sperm and one egg) met,  out of the million egg cells waiting and a million sperm cells released from an act done, one time or several times during the day.

Please do not ask me why even simple calculation causes some people or a number of people to hate math or numbers. I might be tempted to write down a number of simple answers that at the end you will start counting how many times you have scratched your head in disbelief.

And yes, in disbelief, you might end up wondering how much hair fell when you started scratching which,  in the first place, you should have scratched something else other than your balding head.

“OMG, I hate math! Damn, I hate numbers!”

Honestly, I do,  sometimes.

But today, I simply hate this post!  LOL

A day in the life of a Hero (OFW)

Two Fridays ago, I got up at an unaccustomed unholy hour. I had to play early morning tennis with a friend at Mariott Hotel in this foreign city which has remained alien even after living here for years I don’t care to count.

Dang, it was cold and windy that morning. I was surprised that the weather here can be so crazy as well. I had thought in this part of the world it was easy to know: it is hot when it is summer, and it is cold when it is winter and that is it. Now, I could no longer tell. Climate change, perhaps. Or could it be I was the only one unaware of these sudden changes because lately I have been spending so much time in bed.

Instead of waking up early which I used to do, I have been cuddling my pillows and I suspect that while the sun was rising, I was snoring so loudly that the birds that used to come at my window and sing beautiful melodies got pissed off and flew away somewhere more quiet. And who knows what else had happened? One thing is sure though, my bed has so much affection for me and vice versa.

My friend and I played several sets, after which we went to the lounge to relax a bit. I was expecting libreng coffee with milk. I forgot I was in the sports facility of an expensive hotel and not in the bakala (store).

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Kwentado: Kwentong Wala Lang o Walang Kwenta

Ang sabi ni friend, ang assignment ko raw ay tungkol sa ‘The Pinoy’s Happiness Index” na nag sasaad ng ganito: Despite low development indeces, including per capita, income rates, Pinoys are happy. Why and How? Examples.

Pero dahil busy ako sa aking trabaho at sa nalalapit at walang tigil na certification examinations na ibinibigay ng Capital Market Authority dito, di ko alam kung papaano gagawin ang mga ito. Kung sabagay, medyo related ang iba sa mga topics na nabanggit sa nalalapit na exams ko katulad ng mga terms na per capita, income rates at development indeces, di ko pa rin magagawa ang mga ito.

Kaya naisipan ko na ibahagi na lang sa inyo ang mga bagay na nakita ko nitong mga nakaraang mga araw.

Unang una na ay ang mga munting bagay sa pananaw ng ibang lahi kumpara sa pananaw ng mga Pinoy, in general tulad ng public display of affection o kung ano man ang tawag dito sa Filipino.

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So, myepinoy has magic?

I received this e-mail today at 3:47 a.m., approximately 15 hours ago right now. And mind you, this e-mail made my day somehow even if this one appears to be a spam [and me, stupid]. ha ha ha ha


How are you? I hope you are fine,  I am Miss Joyce. I came across your profile today browsing on this site ( ).  it seems like some thing touched me, I  started having some feeling in me which i have never experience in my life before,  so i decided to write you.  l will like to know  more about you,  as i will appreciate hearing from you soon so l can send you my pictures for you to know whom l am and more about me.

Age, Color and Distance i believe has got nothing to do with friendship. I believe we can move ahead from here!!

As i wait reading  your mail soon,do have a pleasant day.



Another reminder that while we’re asleep, life happened. In this case, I touched something inside Miss Joyce’, whatever that maybe.

To Joyce, phish be with you.