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This is just another useless blog entry

Yes, it is.  Please do not proceed if you have important things to do. Thank you

It is very cold nowadays. Staying under my comforter is no match. I was thinking that perhaps this is the result of global warming, that perhaps I am already old and therefore, my body is not capable of generating enough heat to warm me up.

Dahil sobra nga ang lamig, noong Sunday night, ako ay nagising in the middle of my sleep. Thinking that I would beat that damn cold night and get my sleep back, I took another blanket and wrapped myself up. But then, it wasn’t as I thought it would be. The sleep did not come by that fast and I was left wrapped like a mummy, wondering what else must I do.

My small brain beeped: “SLEEP FAIL, YOU OLD MAN!

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That WOeMAN who burned the nest

Kung sakaling nakalimutan po ninyo, exactly a year ago this month, many of us raised our fingers that increased Internet bandwidth and traffic, went Wild and MAD and spoke a different language all because of one heck of a woman who burned the nest, and made all OFW’s and some Pinoy bloggers balut!

And few days later, after we became balut, the people behind ABS-CBN’s ANC program “Media in Focus” or I must say media out of focus hosted by Che Che Lazaro, realized that what we did was something and that we were more than a bunch of baluts. But it was not realistic enough to picture balut as something else because balut can’t harm anyone and as such, that one heck of a woman could be somewhere having a good time. So, it must be something awesome or terrifying and it was. That woman who burned the nest then claimed she was getting death threats and therefore, the baluts must be considered as MOBS!

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