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Blog Action Day: Honestly, what have you done to Mother Nature lately?

“We know this is going to come but we never expected it to happen this  fast and so soon,” my activist friend wrote me.

Baha sa Pinas And that exactly what it was few weeks ago and it is still what it is right now in Cordillera and parts of Northern Luzon in the Philippines.

In what was previously confined in every environmentalists, activists and experts’ imagination and graphical presentations, the picture perfect scenarios of the things that are forthcoming, happened exactly the way they are presented, GRIM!

Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng efficiently delivered the GRIM message that caught everyone by surprise, right where it mattered the most, inside the houses and communities of many Pinoys.

GRIM is for helplessness, pains, hardships, agonies, tragedies, destruction and deaths. GRIM is a word to describe the effects of Climate Change which, Mother Nature wants us all to know and understand.

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