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Why did Kaiju, the monster in Pacific Rim poop in Manila?

Kaiju Pooped in Manila - Pacific Rim

Kaiju poopin in Manila.

On Good Friday, March 29,2013, ABS-CBN posted this news – Netizens on Pacific Rim’ photo: Why dirty Manila?

Part of the news says, “A still from Hollywood movie “Pacific Rim” showing a pile of sea monster excrement in Manila has again awakened indignation from Filipinos online, who say filmmakers abroad should stop focusing on the “ugly” side of the Philippines.”

As usual, the Pinoys are always ready to say their piece and defend the mother land, Holy week man o hindi.

As for me, I was only wondering about the reason or reasons why Kaiju poopped in Manila.

So,  what are my thoughts on why Kaiju ‘excremented’ (may ganito bang word? – lol) in Manila?

I could only think of two.

Kaiju drank the polluted water of Manila Bay. Gusto nya ‘OXYGINATED’ or ‘HYDROGENATED’ water. may ganon? lol

Kaiju swallowed MORE thrash than he could imagine. NAIMPATSO.  Although NOT surprised about the chances of swallowing plastic and other trash, Kaiju was amazed at the volume of thrash and by the way Pinoys destroyed Manila Bay and our seas.

Napikon sya kasi hindi nya akalain na sasagutin nya si Manny Villar – Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura? YAK!

He met with some Pinoy politicians and officials.  The pinoy politicians and officials told Kaiju that if he wants to stay in Manila, he must pay them ca$h or in kind (tons of precious metals) through their brokers outside the Philippines. When Kaiju violently refused, the pinoy politicians and officials simply asked for a photo ops. The pinoy politicians and officials thought that being with Kaiju is a the BIGGEST and BEST pogi point  they could ever have. The Pinoy media(s) and those other(s) looking for ‘sensation‘ on Holy week would be all over them and their faces with Kaiju could be seen everywhere. PerPek!

He saw the real faces of the EPALs and the trapos. He could not stomach their ITSURA in the  posters and tarpaulins posted everywhere in the streets of Manila. 

Oh, I am sorry, I thought I had only two.