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Behave! Behave! It’s Party Time!

Behave! Behave! It’s party time!


Yes,  you read it right. It is like your parents’ never-ending words when you were a kid going to a  neighborhood children’s party.

Is it not ironic or perhaps stupid that  I tell you to behave during party time considering that you are no longer a kid?

The answer is yes and the answer is no but please don’t ask me why? lol

At this time of the year, parties are all over the place and I presume (as I always do. hehehe ), no one will dare  say that parties are a waste of money and time even if there is an economic problem, personal problem or whatever. After all, this is the season to be merry and happy after those long days of hard work. And, it’s Christmas time – period.

Obviously you know exactly what I am talking about – office parties.

Yes, office parties where the bosses down to the lowest ranks are given the chance to relax and unwind after working like donkeys for months. Although they are called parties, they are  still not the usual parties or  the real ones that we commonly know. The simple reason is that the company foots the bill and the people you party with are not exactly your personal friends, although perhaps few of them are.

These parties are also different as they may UNDO you when you forget to BEHAVE and you go astray. The professional image you’ve been trying (hard) to project for years may at an instance be shattered before everyone present in the party. The worst thing for you is that at the end of the day or when the party is over, you realize they are still the same people you have worked with for the past many years and the same guys you will mingle with for the next days to come. They are, after all, your bosses, your office-mates or your subordinates – unless of course it is your last day of work. Lol

I remember well when I was still working in the Philippines. We had a Vice President who was considered to be the most gentleman of all, the nicest, the most respected and the ‘crush ng bayan’ officer that ever lived in my company’s universe. He had our high regard until that one instant in his life when he had one drink too many and he became the most ‘maniac ng bayan‘ officer that ever worked in the company.

Although, he apologized for what had happened but things were never the same again. The label stuck with him and it evolved from maniac ng bayan to  MnB, Mannix and The Man.

Then, there was this very beautiful, prim and proper and very intelligent office-mate. And boy oh boy, she was the girl you’d want to be even in your dreams. Just like the The Man, I mean the VP, she lost count of how many cheers and kampays she had made. Lo and Behold, on that x night of Christmas, WE saw The Gift, which Santa had kept for the naughty and nice.  And SHE not SANTA made our wishes come true. ha ha ha

I can cite more situations, yet the whole point here is, you are in an office party and you need to restrain yourself. You may enjoy the party but you don’t let go and ‘let it all hang out‘ as if it’s the end of the world – sa heaven or sa hell walang alak or beer.  In other words,  you need to remember the word, BEHAVE, just like when you were told as a kid.

When you don’t, think about this.

When those ‘moments of their lives’ happened, the so-called digital world and the Internet were not as extensive, as fast and as easily accessible as it is today.

Nowadays, every event in your life is, in most occasions, recorded in digital cameras and then posted on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Hence you cannot claim that whatever transpires in these parties is just a “figment of the imagination”. The truth is, everything is real, and there is proof.

Now, just imagine this.  What if it is you who would have this moment during this time of the year  in this digital world of ours?

Well, you are just like every human being enjoying the party, the office party, right? True, but then chances are, when you snapped, somewhere, somehow, someone will have it in HD and without you knowing it, it goes viral and you become an Internet sensation.

So, would you let go and let it all hang out and forget the word ‘BEHAVE’?

Oh, one more thing, don’t drink and drive. But that’s a totally different thing.

It’s party time, right?

Behave!  Behave!

We Are The ‘Fuckiest’ News Ever

Messy Wires


I have some news for you. A kind of fuc**ed news actually. He he he.

No,  this is not about our airport  that  sucks  (you knew that already, right?). This is perhaps one of the reasons why our airport is the worst of  ’em all in 2011.’  Please continue reading.

From Transparency International:

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 180 countries and territories. A composite index, the CPI is based on 13 different expert and business surveys.

CPI Facts

The CPI measures perceptions of public sector corruption

The CPI is not intended to measure a country’s progress over time. It is a snapshot of perceptions of corruption, using data published in the past two years

The CPI is a survey of surveys, of experts and business persons, based both in the country and abroad.

Okay, what’s the fuc**d news then?

For  the year 2009,  the Corruption Perception Index says we were at 139th place along with Pakistan, Belarus and Bangladesh

For the year 2010, congratulations, we have had some kind of improvement compared to 2009’s rank. That seemed great but not that great because we are still or almost at the bottom at 134th. OMFG!.

I know.

Some people would say “at least” and so I say WTF! Butt, if that really is the case, then allow me to say something more stupid than “at least“. he he he

To countries like Bangladesh, Belarus and Pakistan who we shared the same wonderful spot, hello and how do you do? We are what we are.  Right?

To countries below us most notably Russia at 154, you are giving us some kind of pride. Thank you.

To countries that are on top of us and whose corruption perception index is much better than us like Uganda at 127th,  how come you did not join us? Teach us.

To countries like Mozambique, Tanzania and Vietnam at 116th,  you are really giving us shame. Do we really deserve it?

I could go on saying something more stupid than “at least” but that won’t do or change anything. It is what it is.

So, let me just guess.

I guess, some people would say that these reports may not be that accurate but then, even if we are half crazy,  can we and those “some people,”  say that we are better than Singapore and that we should also be in that number ONE spot?

The hell, no! Right?

But of course you or the  “some people” would say that it is stupid to compare us with Singapore but that basically is the point. We and the “some people” are part of the more than 90 million people who the crooks are screwing (up or down, or in whatever positions they love doing it) and toying around for the longest time but for some strange reason, have not done anything significant except telling ourselves that we have democracy and that we practice it with so much passion — we cast our votes and we kill each other before electing the same people fucking us, all the time. That’s passion!

Then after that, we let them have their passion. Greed!

And yet, we still ask why?  But really, we know why we are fucked despite the fact that we have almost everything from human resources that the government and other people love to fuck, to natural resources that most of us care to abuse along with the government and others who love to fuck it as well.

The ‘fuckiest’ thing about this is that we have so much to say about this and that and them, just like me, but we seldom walk the talk. We only exercise our mouth,  not our whole body to kick them out.

Oh well you and ‘some people could say that we did naman the walk and the talk. Remember we have had (teka have ba o had ang tama?) EDSA 1, EDSA 2, EDSA 3 (ha! may bagong gawa bang EDSA? o ang ibig mong sabihin na wan-to-three tayo sa EDSA? kasi, kung totoo yon, sana di na nakabalik karamihan sa kanila ). And then we voted for the tuwid na daan.  (you mean, the road to where balut is made?)

Okay! And so, … wat?

And so, as always, we are fucked.

And we seem to enjoy it, all the way.

Need I say more?

Yes! We are the ‘fuckiest’ news, ever. Gets?

A day in the life of a Hero (OFW)

Two Fridays ago, I got up at an unaccustomed unholy hour. I had to play early morning tennis with a friend at Mariott Hotel in this foreign city which has remained alien even after living here for years I don’t care to count.

Dang, it was cold and windy that morning. I was surprised that the weather here can be so crazy as well. I had thought in this part of the world it was easy to know: it is hot when it is summer, and it is cold when it is winter and that is it. Now, I could no longer tell. Climate change, perhaps. Or could it be I was the only one unaware of these sudden changes because lately I have been spending so much time in bed.

Instead of waking up early which I used to do, I have been cuddling my pillows and I suspect that while the sun was rising, I was snoring so loudly that the birds that used to come at my window and sing beautiful melodies got pissed off and flew away somewhere more quiet. And who knows what else had happened? One thing is sure though, my bed has so much affection for me and vice versa.

My friend and I played several sets, after which we went to the lounge to relax a bit. I was expecting libreng coffee with milk. I forgot I was in the sports facility of an expensive hotel and not in the bakala (store).

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One of those days

Right now (7:00 p.m.), my son is performing at the C.C.P.  (Cultural Center of the Philippines) for the Sampung Daliri. I, the greatest father of all is still stuck somewhere in the milky way.

This is sad. I am sad….

Another day added in the life of the so-called modern day hero [The OFW] under the chapter “one of those days“.

Will you sing this song for me please?

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Lost in pronunciation


  • at this point in time here in this part of the world  is a fasting month (restaurants are closed during daytime and no one is allowed to eat, smoke or drink in public else you end up in jail or whatever).
  • I do not know how to cook my own food – I usually depend on restaurants.
  • for the past three days I have not taken in a good energy boosting KANIN and the Pinoy food I like.

I  called my couple friend, instructed them to prepare the best food because  I’d come to have a free lunch, whether they  like it or not (this style works fine from time to time  parang shock and awe, ha ha ha).

Shocked and awed (perhaps, ha ha ha), they prepared  a good meal for me of sinigang na hipon, daing na bangus at meron pang mangga and bagoong.  Mind you, it was like heaven (di ko alam sa kanila) and boy, after that meal, I was really energized!  I was indeed a very very happy, contented and sleepy man.

Going home after a great free lunch, I called a taxi. Immediately, I got in because it was very hot outside and besides, my body was aching for the other craving, a good afternoon nap which I never wanted to miss.

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About [some] wives and women…

Here are some jokes about wives and women. I summarized them from various e-mail messages I received these past few days. Also, I added some of my personal observations but I won’t let you know which are mine to “protect myself” from my wife, my daughter and my mom. They have this kind of alliance on matters that concern women, you know. ha ha ha.

When you are through reading all these, you will realize that some of them are true and almost all of them are very true, I GUESS. LOL


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Love was always love, anytime and anyplace

It is what it is.

…they no longer felt like newlyweds, and even less like belated lovers. It was as if they had lept over the arduous calvary of conjugal life and gone straight to the heart of love. They were together in silence like an old married couple wary of life, beyond the pitfalls of passion, beyond the brutal mockery of hope and the phantoms of disillusion: beyond love. For they had lived together long enough to know that love was always love, anytime and anyplace, but it was more solid the closer it came to death.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, from “Love in the Time of Cholera