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Still Crazy After All These Years!!!

Dear 40s,

Thank you!

Just wanted you to know that I appreciate everything. I have enjoyed every moment with you just like the 30s, 20s and the 10s. I will miss all the great times but that’s life. Time passes by, it goes on,  not stopping,  not waiting for anyone. It moves ahead whether someone wants it or not.

But no worry.  Not a thing could or would stop me from being ME.  I promise you, I will stay the same.

Coz I am!

Still crazy after all these years.

Happy me.

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I am like this sometimes

I have noticed that lately,  many readers are going to my post titled Stock Trading Terms and your Doctor.

I am surprised so I checked. but as far as I am concerned, there is no extra-ordinary thing there. The post as always, just contained crazy thoughts of mine.

But then, when I was almost at the bottom, I  wondered why I wrote a long response to a simple question made by a commenter who simply asked where I am based right now? and he wants to join my blogroll (san ka ba based ngayon? gusto ko ring sumali sa blogroll mo ah).

What’s peculiar about this is that most of the time I do not comment on most comments here (sorry for that) but this one, na-engaged ako. lol


myepinoy says, I am based in the land of oil, camel and the desert.

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Just because I am …

You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. – Bob Dylan

Sabi ng tatay ko
Gwapo ako
Sabi ng nanay ko
Of course
Sabi ng asawa ko
Sabi ng mga nagging girlfriends ko
He is so
You know.
Sabi mo magaling ako
Sabi ko
Yan ang opinyon mo
Sabi nila
Sira ulo ko
Sabi ng marami
Sino ba sya?
Sabi ng mundo
Does he exist?
Pero alam nyo
Di nyo naman talaga ako kilala
Sino nga ba ako?
Tama ba tatay ko
Tama ba nanay ko
Tama ba asawa ko
Tama ba nagging girlfriends ko
Tama ba sabi nila
Tama ba sabi ng karamihan
Tama ba sabi ng mundo
Tama ba na di nyo ako kilala
Siguro nga

Sa huli
Sino nga ba ako?
Kahit ano ang sabihin nyo
Kung sino ako
Alam ko na yon
Noon pa
Matagal na
Dahil ako
Ay hindi
Di rin pwede maging Darna
Kasi straight ako
Kung sino man ako
Ang alam ko
Ako ay tao
Sa puso
Sa isip
Sa salita
At sa gawa.

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That is the way I see them

I have come to the realization that my shadow is sometimes bigger than me especially on a hot sunny day.

The same thing goes with my ego. It grows big or small depending on the situations or circumstances and it takes the form of me or the shadow of myself and not the true essence of who I really Am.

A shadow is after all a shadow and ego is after all an ego no matter how I look at them.

myepinoy’s shadow

So if you catch me bigger or smaller than who I AM, that probably is my shadow or my ego at its worst.

The point is that most of what we feel and think we conjure up for ourselves in our heads,.. – Anthony de Mello SJ